Marseille soap

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History of Marseille soap

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13 September 2011

It is famous around the world. It started at Mediterranean shores and spread all over. Its unique composition of 72% oil and special techniques creation has a long tradition. Yes, I write about Marseille soap.

The history of an original soap recipe:

Even from Antiquity, the recipe for a soap made from oil, water and ashes could be found. It was also used in Middle Age but not till the 16th century when in Marseille, south France, this developed into an industry. Provence offered everything the soap needed: olive oil, salt and salicorne ashes from Camargue and later palm oil and copra from colonies.

During the 19 th century, this industry developed so much that Marseille had many soap factories. Each offered its own brand creating a flourish era of “pure soap” industry. With the development of powders for washing machines, the production of Marseille soap fell and many firms went out of business. Through the years, just a few companies kept their business and promoted the pure Marseille soap, a natural and biodegradable product.

How Marseille soap is made?

Vegetable oils are mixed with soda and put into the cauldrons to boil. They are always stirred to form a soap paste. Next, the cooking stage is when the mixing is still boiling at 120°C while adding soda to saponify the fatty bodies.

The paste created is washed several times with salted water and afterwards, impurities, fats and extra water are being eliminated.

After this, the soap is being boiled for the last time while adding pure water. The transition from liquid state to solid is made through an atomizer that creates vacuum conditions. The soap is being compressed then cut up into cubes and then marked on six sides as a sign of its originality as Marseille soap.

The soap has multiple benefits. It can be used in home cleaning but also as a beauty product.

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