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History of La Croisette, Cannes

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27 September 2011

The glamour of La Croisette, the one of the most beautiful boulevards on Cote D’Azur, has quite a history of its own. Besides its natural beauty, it is wellknown for all the stars that walked on it.

The birth of La Croisette:

The birth of La Croisette began in XIX th century when a little cross was installed at the sea shore. When in 1838 the works for the port had begun, it was time for the streets of Cannes to have a name. remebering the little cross, the news boulevard was named Promenade de la Croisette. in short time this streets became one of the most famous one of Cannes.

Wellknown hotels on La Croisette:

On the Croisette we can find nowadays the most famous buildings from Cannes as their names reminds us about the aristocracy, the world of cinema, stars and wealth. for instance, Carlton hotel is one of the magnificent buildings on the Croisette. It has 150 sqm of front wall, 354 luxe rooms and the two domes on both sides of the hotel built in the art of architect Macellin Mayere. Also, other important hotels like Majestic, Martinez can be found on Croisette.

International Movie Festival of Cannes:

On Croisette takes place every year one important event for movie, cinema, fashion. It is the Cannes Festival where all the great cinema stars get together and prestigious films are honoured with Palme D’Or, the big prize. The building was bult in 1982 and has 6000 sqm. thousands of halls for meetings, conferences, theatre and festivals. The movie festival is the most well known.The red carpet at the entrance of the big building of the festival is an opportunity for the fashion designers to show their creations through the stars that wear t