Hippie Chic Journey at the typically Parisian hotel, Adele & Jules

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17 November 2016

It's autumn in Paris ! Time for fallen leaves, pouring skies and cosy sheets ! Where could I found all these rather than into a boutique hotel in one of the charming streets of the capital ?!

The plane took off from the warm Nice towards Paris with one thought in mind : exploring ! I was looking forward to new experiences and having a taste of a new Parisian chic comfort. And my surprise was high to find out that all these elements were there : intime streets, small volumes filled with stories, dreamy colors and a stay-in feeling.

After the Thérèse, in the wake of the Royal Palace, and the Récamier, in the heart of Saint Germain des Prés, this hotel was born in May 2016. At the edge of the Cité Rougemont, a private treasure of the 9th arrondissement, the hotel Adèle & Jules, was waiting for me on a private lane, not far from the crowdy boulevards.

Parisian cosy chic

Hotel Adele & Jules, a family hotel that is as cosy as comfy as I could imagine was a charming discovery ! After an attentive welcome, my room was waiting for me with a welcome note. Relaxing green deco, white sheets, Parisian flavour ! And a box with Angelina sweets ! Magic ! Time to spend more time in the room, rest and not get out very soon!

In a contemporary deco design created by Stephane Poux, the hotel Adele & Jules unveils itself with small steps at each corner. You can find yourself with different emotions either by grabbing a book from the shelters, sitting by the cheminey or having some intimate afternoon cosy tea time at the bar. The feel of a family home can accompany you all the way.

Time to chat, to read or just relax ... tea time in Paris

The cozy lounge was the perfect place for small conversations around books, new ideas, deco, people - everything that the hotel can inspire you and fill as relaxed as ever. I grabbed a book among other interesting titles that were lying in front of my eyes and it touched my soul! What can be greater than finding some ‘words' among journeys, some ‘time' within a space that you feel like, at that moment, was created just for you?! Only the cheminey was like a flame away to sparkle my Parisian vibe, a little corner of tranquillity within the capital tumult.

Just like the smile of Nicolas de Lattre, the manager of the hotel who presented us the hotel and its rooms with the kindest attitude. He perfectly defined the concept of the hotel and the peaceful attitude that the hotel spread around it.

« The hippie chic style always into the Parisian spirit, but very bold with the choice of colours made by Stephane Poux, a really interesting and enriching collaboration ! «  said Nicolas de Lattre.


Pastel colors to remind us of relaxing summer notes, the collage paintings that kept a retro feel to them and spread new ideas, stepping out of the ordinary zone, walls with graphic brushes and sophisticated fabrics, Chinese style cabinets and contemporary furniture, echoes of matt shades and speckled carpets, Guimard tiles, some balconies and interior small terrace to deepen even more into that French mood, all of these created the perfect cosyness of a Parisian trip.


There are 60 rooms that can fill you with all these moods; mine was Boulevard Club, a spacious, chic, and cosy room where I felt really comfortable.

Not to mention tea-time at discretion from 16:00 to 18:00 or bicycles available, meeting room with private bar or complimentary high speed wi-fi available throughout the hotel , fitness area and of course careful concierge service, perfect Parisian breakfasts and staff attention!


And every time I went out, always a pleasure returning ...

Hotel Adele & Jules - 2 Cité Rougemont, 75009 Paris 

Editor Andra Oprea