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Hermitage Hotel Monte-Carlo reinvents the traditional Christmas cake

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14 October 2014

Gourmet encounter,  Christmas is the perfect time to enjoy its most delicious tradition: the Christmas cake. Several months of planning and testing to arrive at the end of the year to a unique creation, a small jewel of delicacy and beauty. The Hotel Hermitage Monte Carlo presents a completely new and revisited version of the Christmas cake. 

Envisioned by Pastry Chef Nicolas Baygourry of the Hotel Hermitage Monte Carlo, the Christmas cake finds inspiration in the design of the Eiffel dome. A bold and surprising reinterpretation of the traditional Christmas dessert. Sure, it is like no other! The rounded base and a bright red is decorated with fine spirals. Overhung by a structure in white chocolate vigorously recalling the foundations of the Eiffel dome which it takes its inspiration, the log is clamped the seal "Hotel Hermitage Monte Carlo" on a chocolate bar. 

As a gastronomic part, the Christmas cake at the Hotel Hermitage Monte-Carlo is equally original. The base of the dessert consists of a chocolaty cookie, which alights on a crisp shortbread chocolate milk and a touch of lime. At heart, a delicate blend combines raspberry cream and light chocolate mousse pudding Manatee straight from Trinidad and Tobago and exotic fragrance Kalamansi. Combining the sweetness of milk on the strength of black, this coverage to creamy notes with powerful aromas of chocolate blending perfectly with the freshness of raspberry. 

The Christmas cake at the Hotel Hermitage Monte Carlo invites all New Year`s Eve party people to share a friendly and festive tasting for the holiday season. Between flavor and pleasure, hard to stay aside! 

Price: 85 euros (6 people)