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Herbal Energy BB Cleanser Detox 3-en-1 Foam

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11 June 2013

The ritual of the women in Korea is one of the most sophisticated in the world and is based on the principle of "Layering", concept which gets is about the superimposing of care "layers" in a definite order, to improve the brightness of the skin. This ritual is perpetuated of generation in generation, since millenniums.

First two stages of "Layering" form «double cleaning», the first stage DETOX of the ritual of care, necessary to find a cool and healthy skin. Double cleaning links a make-up removal with the aid of a fatty substance, followed by a cleaning with the aid of an aqueous product.

Besides, one time a week, the Asians include into double cleaning, "Peeling" for one " deep cleansing ", cleaning in depth which reveals a «new skin», healthier and more bright. Today the active young women have less and less time to be granted in their care ritual; on the other hand they are always in search of this perfect skin, result of this daily routine. Appear then from expert "hybrid" products in the numerous benefits. 

In a texture foam, HERBAL ENERGY BB CLEANSER is a double cleansing, with triple action:

1. Clean in depth: effect "deep cleansing" daily

2. Feeds intensely

3. Enzymatic Peeling: effect «pore refining» for a result " baby's skin"

Immediate effects:

- Removed make-up skin (eyes, complexion, lips)

- Cleaned and detoxed skin 

- Reveal a new skin in the daily, definition of perfect skin, effect "baby's skin"

Long-term effects:

- Give again a more "regular" aspect to the skin

- Give again an obviously younger aspect bursting in the skin

- Assistant to the microcirculation

More than a cleansing foam, a cocktail of assets for a detox every morning...

What are the ingredients?

- Extracts of fruit acids (blueberry, orange, lemon, sugar cane): "new skin", by their peeling effect and cellular renewal, them allow literally to eliminate dead cells at the surface of the skin

- Complex of 7 herbs highly tolerated by the most sensitive skins

- Centella asiatica:  anti-age prevention, action antiwrinkles

- Extract of wild sage: virtues anti-age

- Panthenol: moisturising and refreshing effect on the skin

Most produced:

- A smooth, rich and soft foam (dry or wet skin)

- Clean, remove make-up and from exmadness gently in the single gesture

- Leave a hydrated skin

Application produces:

Apply in the morning and evening to a dry skin (or moisturised), put the foam delicately on the whole face by using circular gestures from inside towards the outside of the face. Rinse copiously in the clear water. 

Public price: 25€

Availability: JUNE, 2014

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