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Heiko Saxo Paints on the Helicopter in Monaco

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10 June 2019

Painting on a Cadillac, on watches, perfumes, even on an helicopter, that is something you can't see every day! The artist Heiko Saxo gave us the opportunity to discover his art through an authentic editorial in an unique background like the Heliport of Monaco, at HeliAir.

I discovered a very jovial person who is very attached to his brushes. At every time, he felt the need of painting a little more. This time, on a Heli Air helicopter, the German creator, composer and painter Heiko Saxo-Heiko The Cry painted The Rolling Work of Art Queen Elizabeth, on the occasion of the Queen's 93rd anniversary which took place on the 8th of June.

The first journey of the artist's work was with the Queen Elizabeth Perfume Artwork that flew on the helicopter from Monaco to Beaulieu-sur-mer. Now, it was time for the Queen Elizabeth Rolling Work of Art to come to Monaco.

The Golden Hearts Never The Collection, in honor of the Queen of England, began 20 years ago - in shapes, colors, scents and tones. Heiko Saxo painted the rare Cadillac Eldorado Seville in 3D acrylics and 24k gold at the St. Louis Car Museum (Illinois). The car traveled from St Louis Illinois to Los Angeles Beverly Hills, to Las Vegas and through Netherlands to Monaco.

The unique artwork, a 56 'Cadillac Coupe hand-painting outside and inside, enchanted millions of people. Many prominent people in the US  used this vehicle to drive and have their picture taken.

Now people in Monaco and France are enjoying the Rolling Work of Art, which rolls proudly like a queen through the streets of the Principality.