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Handmade Baltic Style and the French Riviera pret-a-porter luxury

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25 November 2016

It is always a pleasure to discover new talents, especially in fashion. The creative spirit, the artistic taste, the creation in all its forms! Today, I had the opportunity to get know the brand Riasnoje Fashion from Lithuania, a brand of handmade ready-to-wear that comes on the French Riviera with original and feminine pieces, built by designer Jurgita Riasnoje. 


What can you tell us about the concept of the brand and how the idea of ​​this project was born?

The name of the brand is given after the designer. When she was very young she loved fashion very much, it was her passion. All the pieces are created by herself. She started making the pieces for her when she was younger and, at one point, she decided to do her studio and create her own brand.

This is the first collection?

I started getting the idea of ​​the brand in 2004. And, the complete collection Riasnoje Fashion was created in 2014. 

How many pieces are in the collection?

There are about 35 pieces, a beautiful collection of luxury ready-to-wear. Why luxury? ... because there is in each piece of clothing those specific things that create the brand. For example, the trench has a small cherry which is made by hand and it is really all about creation and also there are drawings on the fabrics ...

Drawing means painting?

Painting on the fabric, yes!


So there are clothes that are paint?

Yes! Each piece has something like, for example, the dresses all knit by hand and it was done in 102 hours of work. This is what makes luxury ready-to-wear.

What is the style of the collection?

It is the trendy classic style!

Who the collection addresses to?

It is the modern woman starting from 20 years.

What is the average price?

The average price starts from 500 euros as for a skirt, the coat is about 3000. So, it is business ladies, modern women who go for something original.

Are there brand outlets?

There is my own workshop which is based in the capital of Lithuania, and there is the online shop and, today, it is represented at three shops in Cannes and also in Monaco, Saint Paul de Vence.

Starting from this collection, the style will evolve in which direction?

I have many ideas, there is not enough time for a life to realize what I have in my head. And, as I will be represented on the French Riviera, I also like to adapt to French Riviera style and summer style because the Baltic style is colder, there are many coats, trench coats and jackets. I will work for summer collections ...

That's what I wanted to ask you: how do you think the people here will understand the style of the brand?

I think they will like it because you already know the Russian procentage that exists on the French Riviera and who buys, which is a thing that works well here. And, Baltic style is not quite like the Russian style.


There will be events around the brand, here on the French Riviera?

We are preparing for the Fashion Week Monaco. And, also, for your project that you you will launch.

Is there anything you want to add in the end of our interview?

The brand is interested in all markets. There are more than 10 years of experience and know-how to do all this. Also, the collections can be made sur measure. It is possible to adjust the models with the necessary measures.

The client sends the measurements ...?

Yes, it happens often. It takes customer measurements, even remotely, and after that, they are delivered. 

A brand that wants to mix and adapt to the French Riviera style can surprise ... and this is the conclusion of our conversation!

Interview for Riasnoje Fashion

Editor Andra Oprea


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