Hairstyles trends - Olivia Wilde big hair in trend


13 September 2011

Hairstyles trends

We all loved Olivia Wilde’s look at the premiere of Cowboys and Aliens in UK. One of the aspects that drew our attention was her hair. We’ve seen, lately, celebs like Sarah Jessica Parker, Cheryl Cole wearing their big hair and wondering if it is a 80s hairstyle coming back.

Olivia Wilde’s 60s hairstyle:

Olivia Wilde is wearing her hair not too big but in lines that can not go too much of the big volumes hairstyles. It has more of a natural line. Accessorized with the 60s headband it gives more a retro look to it.

How to and What to for the look:

·         Strong hairspray – L’Oreal Elnet for $12.99 at Target.

·         Flip your head upside down and spray the roots, ruffle your fingers through your hair, stay still for a few seconds

·         Bruch gently your hair to see how much height your hair has

·         Create heights especially at the back

·         You brush your hair on the top layer to create its form

·         Put your headband  and seal your hair again with hairspray

·         Headband – we recommend Algae Skinny headband in black by Dominique Duval.

You can give to this hairstyle a retro look and well accessorized with a dress can make you sparkle.