Gregory Berben, an artist like no other


Painter, sculptor, a contemporary artist that combines the modern art techniques with futuristic elements, Gregory Berben is an young symbol for the next art evolution. 

Born in Cannes in 1974, Gregory Berben is a self-educated French plastic painter and sculptor with an atypical and not very frequently work. Professional in sports during a dozen years, he juggled with his 2 careers during some years before lining up his basketball definitely to dedicate himself only to his artistic career at the beginning of the summer, 2009.

Since then, exhibitions and new projects chain themselves. Full of colours and intensity, its creations (painting, collages, original creations based on recycling and sculptures) travel across the world and lately in Paris, New York, Cannes, Nice, Miami, Monaco, London, Abu Dhabi, or Saint de Vence...

His private Show Room of 140sqm has been opened since spring 2011 on the village of Mandelieu La Napoule, small seaside city from the south of France.

We invite you to see his exhibitions and find out more on his website: