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Green Your Beauty: beauty foodie attitude


Best diet, losing weight, detox your body:

«We are what we eat»... Far from being a desinformation, this information has been recently (Re) confirmed during the Green Your Beauty who took place in New York, where Jolene Hart, ancient beauty editor today redeployed to coach beauty and health and founder of Beauty Simple percentage Wellness, reviewed the well being and beauty trends which advocate a return on its basics. This hygiene of life guarantees a healthy and young appearance and a bright skin. Simple conclusion to be drawn is that what is ingested has a direct effect on our appearance and more consequent than beauty products.

During this conference, Jolene explained how simple hygiene of life changes and of feeding could help to struggle against the ageing of the skin and the acne.

Our skin is the biggest organ of the body, and however it is it the one that receives nutriments and paradoxically loses them first! So, our food choice should be made as for a purchase of beauty products: they pay attention to ingredients, to assets, and the quality to quantity is preferred. Here are some advice of Jolene to adopt the "beauty foodie" attitude from now on:

- "the beige, it is wrong": the famous quote of the Dr. Jeannette Graf, the  doctor and dermatologist. In the same way as the beige can not work in mode, any "beige" food (industrial bread, cereals) is devoid of nutriments and is indigestible by our digestive tract, what makes it tired. Complete cereals are weak alternative in grease and rich in nutriments and in fibres.

- Do not make the dead end on the green. They are forgotten or they avoid them, and however green vegetables (spinaches, parsley, vegetables with leaves, bettes) balance the pH of our body, and are rich iron. A tendency came into the world to take more pleasure to get its daily dose of "Greens" with the fashion of smoothies and other natural green juices.

- To us bays. Besides being sweetened and delightful, especially in this epoch of the year, bays (blueberries, raspberries, redcurrants) is rich in oxidizers and in vitamin C and them favour the production of collagen.

- Nice proteins. Fish, poultry, nuts and almonds are packed with nutriments true booster rockets of collagen and of keratin, for nails and nice and strong hair.

- It' s (Green) tee time! Its beneficial effects on health are known to all, the green tea is also a powerful bulwark against wrinkles.

- Détoxez-moi... Instead of rushing on the cup of coffee of morning, why rather not starting its day with a glass of hot water with a bit of lemon? This brew will awaken your digestive enzymes, détoxera your digestive tract and favours the brightness of the skin.

- and away with the stress! Stress ages the skin prematurely and favours weight gain.

- protect your skin from within. Red and orange ailments (béta-carotene and vitamin A) are good for your health and protect your skin of damage caused by radiance UV. There is too much exposure to the sun? Fill your plate of tomatoes, carrots, with melon with at least 2 weeks before your arrival on the beach (or swimming pool, terrace etc). And do not make the dead end on the sun-protection cream! 

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