Grace of Monaco, Grace Kelly`s role of her life


For the world premiere of Grace of Monaco, it was not quite a bunch of applauses gathered around. It was more like a deception. The human vision in the interpretation of the director Olivier Dahan was quite a fiasco on trying too much to pull tears and sighs. Definitely, it makes us love Grace Kelly even more, but it didn`t rise the expectations to their top.

For this movie, a sure thing is that Nicole Kidman was the perfect actress to embody Grace Kelly: delicate, suave, ambitious and also with a great force and sense of self sacrifice to conquer and let herself be conquered by a world that we all believe to be of fairy tale. The movie shows us, in fact, that this world is no fairy tale at all. The entire glitz disappears when we glance an introspective eye. 

It makes me think: what would have done Grace Kelly in our times? Would have she turned to Hollywood to fulfill her dream or would have stayed loyal to the Principiality rules and frames? For sure, the political context is not the same; now is much easier to choose but back in the 60s, times were different. France under General Charles de Gaulle was trying to force Monaco to pay taxes with the price of losing its souveranity. France didn`t agree at all with the zero taxes for the societes that develop their activities in Monaco. 

With this background, Grace of Monaco was battling between taking the role of her life proposed by Hitchcock and going to Hollywood or staying close to the Royal frame under the role of Princess of Monaco.

Under the economical and political pressure, Grace Kelly chose to remain loyal to the destiny that was put ahead of her and fulfil her mission. More than this, to play the role of her life: that of the Princess of Monaco. And, she did all this with grace, just like her name.

I think this is the best part from this movie: the fact that it made us relive and revisit once again the eternal symbol that is to all of us Grace of Monaco. 

Editor Andra Oprea