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Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images 

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Google publishes the results for the Year in Search

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16 December 2014

Google's 14th Annual "Year in Search" came with the annual results in letting us know what is trending on the browser search when it comes to fashion.

The top question of the year 2014 is "How to wear a scarf". This was followed by "what to wear to a wedding," "what to wear on an interview" "what to wear on a first date," "what to wear to a concert," "how to wear a beanie," "what to wear with leggings," "how to wear ankle boots," "how to wear a maxi skirt" and "what color matches brown." Quite a lot of "what to wear" which means fashion lovers are always on the search for fashion trends and style tips.

Google's top trending fashion designers

And, the top fashion designer after the Google search is ... quite surprisingly ... Bethany Mota, the designer who has a line for Aeropostale and who shares his view on his video blog. He is followed by Kate Spade, Oscar de la Renta, Rachel Roy, L'Wren Scott, Valentino, Alexander Wang, Sherri Hill, Edith Flagg and Tina Knowles.

Who are the celebrities that rocked the Google search bar? Well, it's not Kim Kardashian on the first place, if you thought so. She came in second! It seems that Jennifer Lawrence took the plate as she is the star that got the biggest search number on Google. She is followed by Kim Kardashian, Tracy Morgan, Ray Rice, Tony Stewart, Iggy Azalea, Donald Sterling, Adrian Peterson, Renée Zellweger and Jared Leto.

Who rocked the Red Carpet in 2014?

The Red Carpet looks are always very much on the Google search. Rihanna, Lorde, Lupita Nyong'o, Madonna, Pharrell Williams, Zendaya, Ben Kingsley, Solange Knowles, LeBron James and Kesha ranked the first places on the Google search in 2014. 

Quite surprising may seem some of these results. Some celebrities seem not to be on the top list though they are on the lips of many people, while other names don't seem to get much media but they are on top Google search.

Editor Andra Oprea