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3 November 2011


Girl Meets Dress is the leading online rental service where women can borrow the hottest designer dresses

Launched by Co-Founders Anna Bance and Xavier de Lecaros-Aquise.


We get to know a bit the brand and the brilliant minds behing the concept:

We have now grown to over 4000 designer pieces from over 150 designer brands. We will deliver the dress to you - at your home, at your office, wherever you want it - and all you have to do is have fun in it and send it back to us when you're done.  It's like we're your new best friend with the massive designer wardrobe who is cool enough to let you borrow whatever you want!

Girl Meets Dress was born out of the fact, and slight jealousy, that celebrities are constantly allowed to borrow designer dresses. Wouldn't it be great - no, wouldn't it be amazing - if you could wear a different designer dress for every special event in your calendar?


. Over 600 different designer dresses

. Over 150 worldwide designer brands

. New dresses every week!

. Try on 3 ahead of your event and pay for the one you choose to wear

. Next day delivery anywhere in the UK

. Prices from £29 for 2 nights

...and we even take care of the dry cleaning


The idea behind GMD

Hiring a dress allows women to very easily wear more trend led, time-sensitive fashions, while continuing to invest only in those classic pieces which will stand the test of time.

Facebook kills outfits! The proliferation of social media has a lot to do with an increasing social pressure which has heightened the growing desire for people to make a statement with their fashion and for a women's inherent desire not to wear the same dress twice. 

Fashion changes so much and Girl Meets Dress allows you to gain access to your dream wardrobe for all of life's special occasions: a Ball, a Birthday party, a Romantic Date ...a bright red maxi dress to one event, and a fringed black mini to the next - different crowd, different place, different you. It is a concept that people have really responded to.

Celebrities have always been borrowing dresses for special events, and now that everyone is a mini-celebrity in their own world, all women can have access to this concept - providing an easy and fun solution to not repeat outfits.

To date the clothes rental market has very much been focused on catering to menswear with limited options available for women. The core proposition of GMD is to provide access to all designers and latest collections at affordable prices


Where did the original idea come from?

I was inspired by the constant lending and borrowing which goes on behind closed doors within the fashion industry.

What I wanted to do was to create a brand that fell into an affordable price range with a fantastic demographic.

For women to visit the site and think hang on, instead of buying one dress and wearing it once or twice before it gets guiltily hung at the back of the wardrobe, why not wear three or four dresses from Girl Meets Dress for the same price?

Not only that, why not wear the designer brands you have always aspired to and experience something different for every event?

We all have those pieces at the back of the wardrobe, bought for yet another wedding/party/job interview but then not worn more than a couple of times. A rental concept like Girl Meets Dress reconciles such fashion conundrums perfectly.

The idea of collaborative consumption for luxury items is making a big impact around the world, whether it is a holiday home, a boat or a car - and now designer clothing.


Who is your main customer?

Our customers have a love for high-end fashion and have turned GMD into a guiltless addiction!

Our customer demographic is very varied  and exciting, ranging from a 14 year old girl off to her school prom, to young professional women who have 5 weddings this summer +various social occasions and need a different fabulous dress to each... to Mothers of the Bride looking for that perfect look on the big day.

It is a fun concept and hopefully we have answered their prayers by giving them a new way to shop - a fun and affordable way to wear the best dresses in the world!





What is your background?

We launched Girl Meets Dress after I left Hermes where I was UK PR Manager for 3 years.

After graduating from the London College of Fashion, I worked on the editorial side for InStyle, Wallpaper, The Telegraph, Harpers Bazaar etc and then went into PR InHouse at Hermes where I stayed for 3 years as the UK PR Manager here in London.


Which were the first brands you offered on the site and how has it grown?

Our relationships with our designers are crucial and the aim is to bring together the best dresses from all over the world - from both UK new talent to worldwide established brands. The mix and varied selection of these designers on one site is what will hopefully mean that every woman visiting will find the perfect dress no matter what her event!

Girl Meets Dress is very attractive to designers because many women will typically only have tried a few high end designer brands in their lifetime, if any. With rental, designer labels get to be introduced to potential customers on a regular basis. 98% of our customers try a new brand they have never worn previously in their life. That is a huge marketing opportunity for designers trying to reach new customers + the next generation on a mass scale.



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