Get your comfort in a bubble sofa

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1 September 2011

Yii Design Project is one of the most innovative and creative design project around the world. It was nominated by The Design Museum in London for the Brit Insurance Designs Awards that called them the most innovative and forward thinking designs minds in the world.

Bubbles all around:

Innovating design of the future proves us that there is still place for creativity. The bubble sofa marks the natural element of bamboo with the idea of unicity and style. We all live in bubbles or have bubble ideas, right? Now, we can get a cozy one we can sit on!

732 hand-woven bamboo balls:

As we can see, the material of bamboo has endless possibilities of combination. It has a light and, at the same time, solid construction and it is composed of 732 hand-woven bamboo balls. It is a lot of work but the design is worth every minute!

For more details, check the website: