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Gastronomic tour from Baux de Provence to Monaco

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10 April 2012

In the region of Baux de Provence, countries of lavender and duromarin, in the village of Eygalières that chef Wout Bru and his wife Suzy began in 2009 the realization of La Maison Bru. Both receive us in this hotel of contemporain charm of 9 rooms and 2 suites with « bath with bubbles » where design and decoration tendency will be de facto, because Suzy takes care of the grain. Small stay between friends, in family or in couple, Suzy and Wout want to put at ease you. Swimming pool, vtt, pétanque is offered. By the very sure taste del' aesthetic, Maison Bru entered Authentic Hotels, chain that regroups the new visions of the luxury in hotel business (The attribution of the quality-label is made without any contribution, it is therefore in any integrity and objectivity that the groupe I am proud to keep their best suggestions).  Their values: respect for environment, genuineness, charm, atmosphere, reception, priviledged ambiance, art of living, ease, in a word; luxe.


Les Bru don't stop there. In the middle of the village of Eygalières, they kept their smart brasserie « The Brasserie of Eygalières », classical and at the same time contemporary decor , when you can begin your evening and / or have lunch in the big bar, and pass then to the table. In nice season, you will have lunch next to plane trees in an ambience of Provençal village or in the patio located in the bottom of the restaurant. The menus of lunch go from 18 to 21 euros. Menu by the market in 29 euros. Chambre 150 - 200-euro brasserie


After crossing Bouches du Rhône and a part of the Var, we take a break onto Fayence, more exactly in Monteroux, at Eric Maio. Etoilé Michelin in 2005, it receives you in its Provençal inn, a haven of peace between sea and mountain. His passion: the truffle and other noble champignons. On weekdays he offers a menu and wines in 40 euros. Chef also offers us the Esterel menu from 55 euro and menu a la truffe for 80 euros.


After small weekend in the Baux of Provence where we tasted different dishes of Wout and Eric, we continue our road on the French riviera, more precisely in Cannet, at restaurant Trilance. Three young men of around thirty years combined to create the restaurant of their dream. Chef Frederick, Martin the responsable of the restaurant and William the administrator. A trio which complements each other with numerous experiments and meeting of which was made in the hôtel Martinez of Cannes. Side price, in the bistro, the Chef offers us menus going of 15 - 30 euro. In the restaurant, 2 menus: « menu of the garden » in 38 euro and « menu on the hill » in 47 euro. RESTORING DANIEL DESAVIE

Little stop not far from Cannet, in Valbonne. Out of the way of the city, Daniel Desavie holds a restaurant with his femme Chantal for 11 years, "restaurant Daniel Desavie". Ancien chef of Mister Roger Vergé (3 stars Michelin), there remained 23 years in his sides there passing on Moulin of Mougins, too. He also made the opening of Amandier back in 1977 at the age of 22, he was at Marbella in 1983.

Daniel and Chantal also have their party caterer where they offer you foie gras home and smoked saumon or gravelax. One time a month or according to his desires, Daniel Desavie also gives lessons of kitchen (2 by day). In a more convivial ambience, the pupils are invited to savour their creations together at the end of lesson. (price varies according to chosen topic)


Direction Nice, taken out to the Colle sur Loup where the young couple Annie-Claire and Alexander Lamand receives you in their hotel and restaurant " The Bastide Gourmande ", member of Castles & Hôtels Collection in the category charming hotels. The hôtel contains 12 rooms; it benefits from a swimming pool and from a corner « spa with bubbles » for a stay everything in relaxation. Alexander Lamand offers us menus going of 35 - 48 euro (small Corner divan with attached shelves to menu Tasting) Gambas Bio jumps to duo of walnuts of St Jacques, delicacy of agrumes Bio skipped, foie gras of duck in variation of the chef...


Let us take little up on height and cross St Paul de Vence in order to stop us at Stephane Furlan, chef of the restaurant "La Litote", honoured with Bib gourmand Michelin 2012. In midday the chef offers menus going from 17 to 20 euro and in the evening from 24 to 27 euros. The restaurant is opened starting from Tuesday midday to Saturday evening and Sunday brunch. Just next, the Litote Gourmet where the chef proposes you some of the products that he used for his service by accompanying them with a fiche recipe. In the boutique we find for instance: oil of olive of saint Jeannet, caviare, salmon, foie gras, preserve and other natural products


We finish our culinary tour at Monaco, more precisely at the Brasserie of Columbus Monte-Carlo, located in Fontvielle, the business quartier of the Principality. Here it is Xavier Burelle as chef who holds stoves, ancient of Franck Putelat and....

At the Brasserie, the chef proposes you the daily menu and a la carte (the Columbus Burger with foie gras, loup filet, lobstar). Thursday at lunch, we opted for traditional fish & ships. The menus are starting from 25 euros and 35 euros. In the evening, everything is a la carte.