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If you never tried to fly with an helicopter, it is time to do it! Not only for its sensations but also for the view it offers. Living on the French Riviera, nature spoils me every day with its beauty. Step by step at each corner the landscape shows me little spots of paradise. It was time to take a look from a more elevated route, from the above, up in the air. So, a visit to Heli Air Monaco was, definitely, on the map.

On a sunny November day, I decided to take the commands and put some wind in my hair under the speedy propellers. The sun was up, the helicopter was on the docks. Time to fly and capture the journey from above!

We got our entrance courtesy from Heli Air staff, our tickets and our excitement to get on board! Emotions guaranteed! It could not be otherwise as the entire landscape revealed itself to our eyes in a mesmerizing sensation. Above the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea up to the steepy hills from La Turbie and surroundings,  it was all like magic. We could admire the Roquebrune Village with its brick roof houses and its 16th century castle, Cap Martin, Menton and the Italian border on the horizon.  And, at our feet was lying Monaco with its exquisite allure, its shinning yachts and sights and the Royal Palace, the central symbol of the Principiality.

From emerald green to shinning white yachts to bricky little houses like points on a drawing, there was a whole range of colors and emotions that came up with the flight. You are so excited up there that sometimes you don`t want to miss a thing and makes you want even more. Just like love, once you get in the air, you're always in the clouds!

I cannot imagine how some people are afraid of flying! The sensation that makes us all dream and touch the sky, the little vehicle that puts our senses to moves and reveals all its natural beauty to our sight.

I wanted to be above the water, above Monaco and its surroundings and feel the thrill. So the adrenaline was felt, especially when the pilot was turning the helicopter putting all of us into screaming joy. That's the feeling I was looking for!

It was a great experience flying with an helicopter over such amazing landscape: a pure sensation to have the altitude above the wonderful view  that Monaco and its surroundings has to offer! Now, to the next step!

So stay tuned for the next adventure!


Editor Andra Oprea

Photography Iulian Giurca - 

Many thanks to Heli Air Monaco and, especially, to Mme Isabelle Troszynski for her warm welcome.

Tel: +377.92.050.039