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G 20 at Cannes

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31 October 2011

Cannes gets ready to receive, November 3rd and 4th of this year, the biggest event of this world, as part of G20. Classified in zone 1, the harbour of Cannes is directly concerned by the special set up safety device. Therefore, thanks to job fulfilled by the administrator in touch with authorities, the harbour will remain opened, at the disposition of his customers and present outside contractors, and follow its activities.


Event constitutes the biggest international summit ever received in France. It will unite the most powerful state leaders of the planet and the hundreds of participants come to assist summits satellites devoted to the social (Plowing Summit), to firms (Business Summit) or everything in new technologies (Young Entreprise Summit).


Besides the 20 countries members, 5 countries were invited, it is necessary to add the 7 international organizations, that is 32 official deputations. In reality, thirty three, the European deputation being two-headed being at the same time the Commission and the European Presidency. These leaders of States and government will be accompanied with delegates who should be between 2 500 and 3 000, who it is necessary to top up to 2 500 journalists of the international press.


The presence of these State leaders and their deputation requires special safety measures.


The harbour in zone 1


Two zones of security were defined. The « zone 1 » constitute the « zone of reinforced security »; it concerns the main hotels of Croisette and harbour of Cannes including its plan of water. This zone " sanctuarisée " is included in a second perimeter of security which leans on the expressway, the Bridge Alexander III in the East and the street Jean Dollfuss on the West.

The esplanade Pantiero was classified in zone 2.


No badge, no access


The « zone 1 », around the seafront, will be entirely forbidden in cars. His access is very limitative: alone deputations, press, inhabitants and personnels which work will be authorized to enter on foot there. To achieve it, a badge is necessary. The persons will have to carry it of October 31st (midnight) on November 4th (16 h).


Zone 2, the harbour of the badge remains obligatory but the movements of vehicles (badgés too) remain possible. To note that it is the harbour which undertook to authorities steps of request of badge for his customers, his teams and outside contractors.

However, all requests will not be able to be satisfied. The precious sesame will be issued only to two persons by ship. It will be first and foremost about the captain and about the helmsman or about the owner of a shipping company.

Other persons who like to achieve the boat, will have to make issue a « badge time » from October 30th (boulevard Carnot), or be aboard before this date and more not move up to the lifting of safety measures.


The harbour closed in any traffic maritime or of the Earth


During the Summit, the movements of ships will be forbidden of October 31st (midnight) on November 5th (12 h). No cruise is envisaged and the pleasure boats put there before October 28th (18 h) will remain in the harbour including those the yachtsmen of which live aboard. After October 31st (midnight) and until November 5th (12 h) no ship will be authorized to enter or to go out of the harbour. On the other hand, authorities demand for yachts, notably those located on the Pier Albert Edward, that at least a member of knowing crew the ship resides permanently aboard between October 30th and November 4th (midnight). The person will also have to be available from October 29th (8 h) day of the beginning of the controls of boats. The yachtsmen who live aboard will have to respect a certain number of baggage rooms: no holiday, no noise, no exit. Except in case of imperious having required no movement of ship will be allowed. This implement endures only not enough exceptions. They concern the boat which supplies the Island saint Marguerite and some craftsmen fishers who will be able to go out accompanied by the police. As for the monks of saint Honorat, they decided to stay at home in conclave during all length of the summit. The return to normal will take place on November 5th.


Ban to park along quays


Parkings on the quays of the Open sea, Saint-Pierre and Laubeuf as well as on the pier Albert Edward will be forbidden from October 29th till November 5th (8 h).


Moreover, the parkings of the port authority and Laubeuf will be closed. On the other hand, the underground parking of Pantiero in zone 2 remains approachable to badgés vehicles. The harbour of Cannes therefore decided to make available his customers a place of parking at the rate of a site by crew of ship.