Fruit cocktails for Christmas

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14 December 2011


Pressoirs of Provence make with passion a real fruits and vegetable juice from the picking from the orchard up to the bottle in order to have the purest taste. To have more color for the winter holidays, what a better way than to have fruity cocktails on your table like the nectars Pressoirs of Provence?

Cocktail shaker in family

A successful cocktail is first an inventive drink. It is necessary to show imagination and boldness! Juices of fruits and nectars Pressoirs of Provence are ideal to create tasty and amazing juices: blend some juice of orange, pineapple and mango with some syrup of grenadine, a zest of lemon and add some soda water for an effervescent cocktail! For those who prefer the side stinging, cocktail shaker apple, raspberry and kiwi! Cocktails can prove to be very play. Livened up with kebabs of fruits, it is sure, they will entice all gourmands!

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Pressoirs of Provence has become a true reference. The keys of its success? A strict selection of the producers according to their culturales practices, a drastic choice and a detailed extraction of the best products (fruits and vegetables harvested in adulthood and tasted before transformation). Thanks to a method of traditional pressing and perfectly controlled techniques of pasteurization, Pressoirs of Provence captures the natural taste of the fruit, vegetable or berry, while keeping the nutritional provision at the farthest.

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