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For Christmas, WWF France protects the

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9 November 2011


WWF France offers to go fishing in its nets of ideas for original Christmas presents to hunt the wasting and adopt good resolutions: from the egg timer of shower up to the hired special T-shirt (e) for limiting the debit side of water!

Water, a precious good that is why it is necessary to learn to protect!

While fresh water represents only 2,8 % of the water of the planet, the available water for human consumption is equal only to 0,26 % of this volume a true drop of water, therefore!

While the access to drinking water became a true privilege, this tendency should deteriorate in years to come. So, the specialists think that before 2025, if modes of consumption do not change, about 5 million persons (2/3 of the worldwide population) will live in regions where it will become difficult or even impossible to answer their needs in fresh water!

« For all products, a party of price is transferred to WWF for its actions of conservation. The entirety of benefits linked to the sale of the eboutique is transferred to WWF France. »

Preserving the oceans gift ideas:

A present for the planet and the change purse



Before the New Year and its lot of good resolutions to adopt, made by Christmas, a holiday of responsible consumption!




By adopting and making adopt the good resolutions linked to its consumption of water, it is possible to accomplish almost 60 % of economy and ECOPERL can hard contribute to it.




Partner of the WWF France since 2006, ECOPERL is the first concepteur and French producer of hydro-thrifty products with whole range of fuel-saving devices, limitateurs and regulators of water for all plumbing fixtures of the home!

To avoid " the Niagara Falls " in every dinnerware or brushing of teeth, ECOPERL offers with his hydro-thrifty equipment a management different from his consumption of water:

- - 80 % of economy for taps lava-hand!

- 60 % of economy for the taps of the washbowl of the room of bath!

- More than 50 % of economy for the sink of the kitchen with 6.4 litres / minute instead of classics 15 litres / minute!

Thanks to the introduction of air in throws, the shower can even make with 2 times less water for the same user-friendliness!

With ECOPERL, it is Christmas for water!

The egg timer of shower, a pedagogic present for all family!

When they know that to cross (national average) 8 minutes in 5 minutes under the shower comes back to economize about 35 litres of water, they tell themselves that the time is really important! Per year, it represents an economy of 12480-litres of hot water per capita, if they respect this timing!


Have a pedagogic speech to its children on the consumption of water, it is definitely but to give " water in its mill ", WWF France offers to have shower environmentalist! So, to have the reflex gives a shower is necessary because she uses only 50 litres on average while a bath it is 250 litres at the very least!

To go farther, you can give a play and funny present: the egg timer of shower WWF. He allows babies as big to know real-time, the staying delay before exceeding the cape of 5 minutes. It gives in all means to act for the planet!

Tic, Tac, Christmas approaches, reason furthermore to make savings of water for the planet, but also for its change purse: all hot water which is not used is not heated, and allows to make savings on its electricity bill!





In Christmas, the depredation of the oceans will not pass by you! Show your commitment therefore!


Today, numerous marine kinds are threatened by the nets of the fishers! The man fishes too much and fishes badly because 78 % of fish are rejected died as part of an industrial peach. Red alert, studies show even that 78 % of the worldwide reservations of fish are already exhausted because too much exploited and that the intensive animal husbandry in aquaculture is responsible for a true depredation of the oceans!


The message of a more respectful peach of environment and biodiversity must be heard!


For an environmental asserted activist, a lover of the sea and its means or simply a friend to sensitize, give the T-shirt in the message WWF " Bone to ransack the oceans! ".

Having guaranteed environmental and equitable 100 %, the T-shirt WWF comes from a production using less water and at all pesticides, labellisée (Standard GOTS Textile Global Organic) and certified equitable by Ecocert in a complete respect for environment and for man!




For Christmas, help to protect the sea and his inhabitants!

The range of equipment ECOPERL is sold on the site of the online boutique to, in network Local chain store and on the e-boutique ECOPERL at the public price recommended by 5 - 35 euro

The egg timer of shower is exclusively sold on the site of the online boutique at the public price recommended by 8.90 euro

The T-shirt with message " Stops pillier the oceans " am exclusively sold on the site at the public price recommended by 17 - 23 euro