• Alice S. Wells, first police woman, designed her own police uniforme

Alice S. Wells, first police woman, designed her own police uniforme

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First police woman, first female uniform

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16 September 2011


Nowadays, a police woman in service is not such a big deal. But, think at the early 1900’s where women did not have many jobs, mostly the ones that were created especially for men.

Alice S. Welles accepted as police woman:

Being a minister in Kansas, Alice Stebbins Wells petitioned the mayor of Los Angeles city claiming that she wants to bring more help in aiding women and children who were crime victims. She was accepted and she was to become the first police woman in the United States in the year of 1910. Afterwards, she became the founder of The International Association of Police Women.

The Policewoman, a movie inspired by Alice S. Wells’story:

Alice S. Wells began first began to work supervising dance halls and interacting with women from public area. After her, another women were hired as police officers in LA and also in other districts. Her action was inspirational and a movie was made after her story, intitled The Policewoman, in 1914.

Alice S. Wells designed her own police uniforme:

As Alice S. Wells was the first and only woman in the Police she had to make her own uniforme. This way she may be called the first uniforme designer for women and a trend setter. Four years later, Great Britain followed the same idea and hired the first woman policeman.


PS: What a strange name, though, woman policeMAN. Is there still a job only for the men?