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FING'RS - Feather Nails

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23 April 2012

Sensual and sexy as a Brazilian with Feather Nails, exclusivity of FING' RS

With the occasion of the hottest year in Rio - fabled Brazilian carnival, which takes place in February - FING' RS presents self-adhesive Feather Nails. Following the example of intriguing costumes of feathers of the Brazilian dancers, Feather Nails especially conceived by FING' RS are coloured, unique and very sexy especially.

Bright styles in trendy colours are a must have for this time of the year. From BCBG to the sexiest, four styles are offered with an objective: elegance through and through.

Orange: the colour of optimism!

Orange colour is synonymous with energy and with exuberance - as Feather Nails of FING' RS. With its motive of ornamental feather between the lines, this style contacts not only the supporters of carnival: it represents exuberance, good mood, love of freedom, and this good feeling at carnival season.

Rose: luxury and feminism

Very dynamic, pink recalls womanhood, freshness, youth... Pink Feather Style declines gently and in womanhood, with very smart white accents and a pretty stone of crystal. Their harmonious colours make pink Feather Nails of the ideal finery of nails for big opportunities.

Turquoise: elegance & tendency 

Feather Style recalls the finery head feathers which the ladies carried several centuries ago to underline their membership in the nobility. The timeless design of Feather Nails turquoises livens up with elegance and lightness all your keepings for a féérique appearance.

High-flown and extravagant: look 'Peacock Feather '

The peacock represents at the same time beauty and passion. These two elements also meet in the Rio carnival and in fashion shows. In their version ' Feather of peacock ', Feather Nails suggests this high-flown style. Conceived with refinement, these nails stickers recall in their manner the idea of perfect beauty.

Suppleness and quality: the self-adhesive technology of FING' RS nails

Feather Nails, exclusive and in limited edition, are fixed on the natural nail via a self-adhesive technology. To guarantee a very good keeping, the equipment is slim and flexible. Self-adhesive technology gives decisive advantages: nails can be glued together any time and wherever you are, without additional equipment. Every packing contains 24 nails adapted to all sizes of natural nails. Exclusive look Feather has a keeping of 3 days maximum.

FING' RS Feather Nails Limited EditionN ° art. 2310 env. 5,90 euro