• Photo by Iulian Giurca

Photo by Iulian Giurca

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Find your other half with the SS t-shirts

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2 December 2013

PRE ORDER SS t-shirts

SS is a new fashion brand that places a big emphasis on the urban lifestyle, free thinking, relaxing and cosy time in the city. The T-shirt brand is a collaboration between the fashion magazine Stylezza, and the fashion designer, Mihaela Stoica.

The idea of the project was inspired by the Street Style section from the fashion magazine Stylezza and it became obvious that this needs to materialize in order to feed the hungry spirits. So we wanted to create a cool and vibrant energy that can be found everywhere in the city - it is the idea of wearing cool, simple yet symbolic clothes.

The T-shirt brand SS is created under the logo: Find your other half. The concept is created in such a way that one T shirt leads to another. We have the first part of the quote on the feminine T shirt (the Yin part) and the sequel of the quote on the masculine T shirt (the Yang part) - so both halves create together one original set. And it is very cool to see couples wearing T shirts that mix perfectly and have a great message to convey.

The first step of this T shirt collection is a prototype in a limited edition that is meant to create awareness of the concept. The T shirts can be worn anytime, be it summer or winter, as it is the best outfit and accessory for your urban attitude. And, most of all, if you are looking for love, for your other half, you might find it in the city wearing the other half of your T shirt. It s a challenge you must take.

Note: For this prototype edition we launch the PRE ORDER campaign available till January 24th 2014. So, grab this edition and order your T-shirt so you may find your other half just in time! 

PRE ORDER at office@stylezza.com