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Festival Crossover: JAMES HOLDEN presents The Inheritors

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30 January 2014

In 2013, the Nice Opera celebrated the spirit of sharing and meeting called Crossover . The Riviera has invested public orchestra, lodges , amphitheater, a paradise for (re) discovery of the "Temple of Music" , a highlight of the previous edition.

On Tuesday, June 10 , a new exceptional evening will be live at the Opéra de Nice , again on the border of symphonic and electronic worlds . Both teams will perform on this prestigious stage : Berlin trio Brandt Brauer Frick and the British James Holden who will present his live " The Inheritors " .

Seven years after "The Idiots Are Winning ," James Holden returned to producing with " The Inheritors " . An atmospheric album, magical , hypnotic, completely different from the previous , offering his version of William Golding . For this live , Holden is at the modular synth, accompanied by Tom Page on drums and Etienne Jaumet at the saxophone . While James Holden has never ceased to be dj in clubs around the world, finding him at the Opera will be one of the highlights of the festival.

If you liked Aufgang last year, you'll love Berlin trio Brandt Brauer  Frick that produces minimal techno from conventional instruments mainly . They're a little after- Kraftwerk , men continuing to dream machinery ... present in the form of samples, delicate and complex , rising synths and keyboards Jan Brauer and Paul Frick and battery Daniel Brandt. Prodigies of music that complement the avant-garde tray playing codes of classical and techno music.

Recall the first names already announced for this 6th edition : Tan , Jeff Mills, James Holden presents The Inheritors , Brandt Brauer Frick, The Magician , Discodeine , Motor City Drum Ensemble , Dasha Rush and Munk .