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29 January 2018

We put on masks only on week-end!

The miraculous Korean masks have chosen their moment! Drew Barrymore launched the trend last year through an all-in-one mask, which she uses during her beauty routine. Apparently, the mask is tightening so much that it literally lifts your face - since then, these powerful masks have become a must-have of your cosmetics cabinet. How it works ? You apply it and follow the professional advice: try not to move. After 30 minutes of installation, rinse everything. Between 2 applications, Lexi Boling recommends a mist of water mist to quickly refresh your face, which also allows an increase in fluid intake.

We put the eraser

In addition to masks, exfoliation is an essential part of your face (and body) routine - and must be done at least once a week to eliminate toxins that could harm your complexion. In addition to revealing new skin cells, exfoliation removes dead cells from the pores, tightening them at the same time - it's like sanding a wall before painting! Removing buildup improves your skin's ability to absorb everything else from anti-acne to anti-aging serum. Even if you have dry skin, you will not cut it! Simply use a mild chemical exfoliant, followed by a gentle moisturizing lotion every two or three days. Those with sensitive skin can also join the party - just avoid too abrasive scrubs and use a gentle exfoliating product. On days when you do not exfoliate, use a cleanser or toning lotion rich in fruit or plant enzymes to clean thoroughly and gently.

 The miraculous oil

Jojoba oil is the new argan - it can be used on the hair, face and body, acting as a natural moisturizer when our body stops doing it naturally. In winter, dehydrated skin is a common problem that makes it more vulnerable to irritants: it can even cause dermatitis and the appearance of germs constantly looking for entry points into the skin. Being a waxy substance, jojoba oil can seal moisture and create an effective barrier to external elements. It is so structurally close to the natural secretion of our skin that it is more easily accepted and tolerated. The types of oily skin can rejoice because jojoba oil can actually help reduce shine by modulating sebum production - it also has an anti-inflammatory effect that can also counteract seborrheic dermatitis.


Taking vitamins every day is essential if you can not get all the nutrients in your diet. This can really help boost your immune system and restore radiance to your skin. Dietary supplements are easy to integrate into your daily routine and can be found in your local pharmacy. Taking probiotics every morning before breakfast can also help to detox the body naturally and works wonders for overall digestion and general health. Avoiding refined foods and stocking up on foods rich in antioxidants keeps you healthy!