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Fashion trends in the plane with Georgia May Jagger

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12 March 2013

British Airways reveals the fashion trends of the passengers with some amazing habits to be discovered.

The airline also asked two British personalities to share their own habits by air, Georgia May Jagger and the captain of the national rugby team Chris Robshaw who took part in the game.

And, for those who want to test their air style, British Airways offers them a quick and simple quiz to discover if their style corresponds more to that of Charlize Theron or Victoria Beckham or for these misters of Brad Pitt or Daniel Day Lewis!

Frenchmen by air: the alliance of comfort and style

If 97 % Frenchmen favour comfortable clothes but chic for their flight, the Russians see things under another angle. Indeed, these last are 30 % try to impress and to entice other passengers bedecked with their nicest finery when they take the plane. Moreover, when three quarters of the Frenchwomen opt first of all for the jeans‑T‑shirt combo, 12 % of our German neighbours bet on a designer's piece. There still, the Russians do not beat about the bush there since a quarter of them goes even to the point of buying their new clothes specifically with the aim of their next flight!

The style of the passengers however does not stop in their choice of clothes. So, for 40 % Frenchwomen flight will be made in heels. Regarding the hairstyle, 20 % men (any merged countries) declare to lend one more close attention to their hairstyle when they travel, while a third of the women makes a particular effort before taking the plane. Provided that the chignon-banana holds during flight...

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