• Photo by Giovanni Giannoni 

Photo by Giovanni Giannoni 

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Fashion trends for Spring 2014 from Oscar de la Renta

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11 September 2013

It is the majestuous style with which Oscar de la Renta delights our eyes always. This time for the New Work Fashion Week, the runway came with elegancy and beauty; beauty in lines, beauty in couture and presentation.

Oscar de la Renta came with an Elisabethan motif for the Spring 2014 collection driven from the ownership of two very famous portraits of Elizabethan ladies, the Fitton sisters," Anne and Mary from which it is said that Mary represented the Dark Lady from Shakespeare sonnets.

The collection has a full range of dresses, jackets and coats cut in straight beautiful lines, simple and elegant. The ruffs, lace and embroideries can be seen all over the collection. There are two great pieces of silk faille fit-and-flare dresses with a fantastic tapestrylike threadwork, also the finale gown in canary yellow silk faille and tulle with black filigree headwork and a black viel to cover her face.

A collection for daily chic and for women with a taste in exquisite lines and textures.

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