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Fashion, Sex, Celebrity & Art with Sarah Jessica Parker at Cannes Lions


16 June 2014

After today, I can gladly say OMG, the fashion icon is in the house, right in front of my face catwalking a fantastic sense of style. From all the fashion names going around, this one is the best.

Do you know who I am talking about? Some of you may have already guessed! It is Sarah Jessica Parker, the woman, the actress, the Sex and The City star, the shoe designer, the art promoter, the fashion icon.

In about one hour of pure inspirational `juice` coming from the star, a breath of fresh air can be felt. It is not here about being the most beautiful in the room, the smartest or the sexiest, it is about having heart and a fantastic sense of style. In a  simple and classy white summer dress with a black blazer over it and lots of accessories like bracelets and rings, Sarah Jessica Parker knew how to walk in her shoes, her own shoes. She knows exactly how to dress to focus the entire attention on her shinning fuchsia shoes. Quite feminine and glamorous, I may say!

In fact, I don`t find Sarah Jessica Parker far away from her Sex and the City character, Caarie Bradshaw. Moreover, I find a lot of similarities. Like the shoe addiction and, therefore, the shoe collection in the real life. Her love and inspiration from Manolo Blahnik is reflected in her collection. I find Sarah Jessica Parker very touching and cool, trying to serve as an inspiration for all those modern women who are strong and weak at the same time, who are searching for love, `real love. Ridiculous, inconvenient, consuming, can't live without each other love`, citing from Sex and the City.

Sarah has an amazing career with many roles in movies, with the fantastic success starring in Sex and the City to shoe designer, art promoter under Obama Government as an art representative in damaged schools. She talks about the success of this project to bring art in the American schools and put value on each child. Artists, singers, painters, teachers come to these schools and involve children into art and art thinking. They have seen a fantastic evolution on these children with this Humanitarian Art programme.

Sarah is an innovator. Back at the beginning of Sex and the City, there were not many women under the HBO schedule. The series were quite revolutionary and have become a refferance. Also, with her style and mix of personal life, beliefs and fashion, Sarah has become an icon. So it came as a natural choice to put her shoe passion into her own collection. She just hoped would not dissapoint and raise up to everyone`s expectations, as she puts it.

I am a fan of Sarah Jessica Parker because beyond everything that is branding and marketing, you can feel the modern woman trying to convey a message through the modern tool. Fashion is one of them! I admire Sarah Jessica Prker because she perfectly symbolises all the elements a modern woman confronts to: she is sweet, delicate and also strong and powerful, she is self conscient and active, very aware and intuitive.

She tries to cope with the modern technology like Twitter (which she is not very fond of), but loves showing life snaps on Instagram. What an inspiration!

Editor Andra Oprea