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Fashion in color - Pantone and the trend color of 2012

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13 January 2012

Fashion in color

The last year, PANTONE had thrown sound on "Honeysuckle", a nice nuance of orange pink and the optimistism it induces for cosmetic industry. The tones near Tangerine Tango go futher: this powerful colour is meant to be lively and sniffs energy.

Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director to the Pantone Color Institut explains the reason of this choice: "Tangerine Tango is at the same time a refined, dramatic and seductive shade. A very deep orangy tone. It makes relive in us this sunset which so much marked us, and combines so energy and rise of adrenalin of the red with cordiality and warmth of the yellow, and form of this fact this attractive and bright nuance. "

Tangerine Tangerine will be in 2012, starting with the middle of fashion everywhere: Tommy Hilfiger, Nanette Lepore or else Adrienne Vittadini definitely understood it and inserted colour into their SS 2012 collections. It would be possible that colour also makes its appearance in the collections of this winter.

In beauty, Tangerine Tango sees allocating one thousand different forms: lips and cheeks will use the brightness brought by nuance. It is perfect also in coat of varnish in anticipation of the summer, 2012. Eyes horse chestnuts will be sublimated with shade with eyelids in ambrée colour version.

Side habitat, Tangerine Tango has energising virtues. Cushions, dinnerware will absorb looks and bring their key of long-term savings plans in every room. They can bring dynamics in a flat by combing a wall for instance with Tangerine Tango: entered, kitchen or bathroom, in each its room of predilection.