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Fashion collection - The 70s back in trend

fashion & styletrends

2 September 2011

Fashion collection

The 70s is about freedom and fashion. Mini skirts, bell-bottoms, platform shoes – all come together to one look: the 70s. It still lingers the hippie style but it is adorned with more accessories and lines. From wide –legged flare jeans to jersey wrap dresses creates all that disco look well emphasized by John Travolta in the movie Saturday Night Fever.

The influences that made a point in the era were peasant clothing such as blouses with laces, off-the-shoulder necklines. Yves St Laurent introduced the peasant look in 1976 and became very influencial. Diane von Furstenberg introduced the jersey wrap dress in 1972 and became extremely popular. Also, Farrah Fawcett promoted one-piece swimsuit and her poster was released in 1976 and sold 12 million copies. This launched the trend for the maillot that is still a must have.

German fashion models in 1972

Early 70s mini skirts were on big trend. In this image, the English woman is wearing a fringed suede miniskirt.

What is now the 70s trend?

The year of 2011 is about reviving the 70s and bringing glamour to it. Is about combination of textures and lines that create harmonic clothing ready to wear and shine. The message is: power, feminism and sensuality.

Emilio Pucci model, Kasia Struss