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Fashion collection - Puma for Virgin Galactic SS2 Launch

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18 October 2011

Fashion collection 

PUMA starts in Sport and ends in Fashion. Its Sport Performance and Lifestyle labels include categories such as Football, Running, Motorsports, Golf and Sailing. Sport Fashion features collaborations with renowned designer labels such as Alexander McQueen, Yasuhiro Mihara and Sergio Rossi.

In celebration of the launch of the SS2, PUMA will feature a Virgin Galactic branded jacket, tee & cap sold exclusively on PUMA.com starting Monday, October 17th.  In 2009 at the unveiling of the Virgin Galactic SS2 space ship, the Virgin space team was outfitted with PUMA's Formula One Trionfo suit and Speed Cat footwear.  Guests at the space shuttle's inaugural launch will receive PUMA Sailing Performance Inshore Jacket, in black with silver Virgin Galactic branding.