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Fashion collection - AGURI SAGIMORI 2012 SS Collection

fashion & styletrends

15 November 2011

Fashion collection

Styles and Items

I-line longjacket with belt marked, long coat with a mane comes with voluminous gathered short skirt. A dress expressing the movement of hem, twist and drape from pattern. Voluminous fathered skirt, cut & sewn pieces and circular coat. Voluminous skirt-line dress with conscious body. A bustier shirt with soft and transparent cotton chiffon.


Tulle and satin with original print. Transparent nylon with vivid color. Shape memory cotton and jacquard as architectural form.Vintaged shirt material and silk chiffon. 


vivid pink / nude pink / black / white


Photographer Mote Sinabel 

 Hair & Make up / Tomoko Okada 

PROFILE / Aguri Sagimori

Born in 1985. She starting her career at '08-'09A/W Japan Fashion Week and continuously show collection at JFW. As international collections, in '09, invited from TIS in Taiwan and in '11, invited from Korea. As prizes, she got "MAINICHI fashion grand-prix for newcomer","SHISEIDO encourage prize" in Japan.Started exhibition in Paris with 10S/S.She also presented film <> shooted by mote sinabel for '11S/S. The film showed in Rotterdame film festival.The concept is toward beauty,facination, evanescence and strength with expressing unique mind from Japanese delicate feelings about beauty and strength inside.