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The Love Story Star, Ali MacGraw Talks Coco Chanel and Social Media

6 May

The icon star of the classic film, Love Story, Ali Macgraw, is out of patterns when it comes to fashion and public life. As much as she likes to keep her own life private, she is also a star that lingers in people's minds. During Chanel's launching of J12 revisited, Ali MacGraw, who is now 80, came along with other Chanel ambassadors like Keira Knightley who is pregnant, Lily Rose Depp, Carole Bouquet and many others. Although, she is not into social media at all and less press visibility, she still has the public eye on her. She was the muse and model for the commercial of Chanel N5 perfume in the 60s where she gained about 200 dollars, the equivalent of a month's salary. Apart everyone, she is the only one who met Coco Chanel herself. "She sat in the great suit - the old black one, you know, with a combination of real and great faux jewels, and a black grosgrain ribbon with beautiful scissors on it - and the models came in one at a time with what looked like absolutely perfect clothing." she said, cited by WWD. She said Coco Chanel was never satisfied with a pattern and she

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