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The Hottest Trends for Lingerie in 2020

16 September

Lingerie is part of our style. Still, many women use lingerie for special occasions. Wrong! As specialists may say! Nowadays, lingerie is the equivalent of streetwear. Just as it is with ready-to-wear clothing, lingerie has also trends that come and go. Whether you are shy and don't dare much in the field or you're a real passionate of intimate clothing, it is important to stay tuned to the new and hottest trends in lingerie. What models of lingerie are the trendiest? We have the Peekaboo Bottoms that are really popular. There is a huge demand also at the boutique La Ligne Ideale Monaco, as the owner, Dominique Collet, tells us. Also, bodysuits, body prints, harness, velvet, they all find their way in boutiques. For instance, the fashion store, La Ligne Ideale Monaco focuses mainly on French and Italian brand, brands that are sustainable and with a natural touch, with products from silk, cotton, lace. Lingerie, today, is a street style A few decades ago, people were outraged to see lingerie. Today, with lingerie, you make a fashion statement. Today, lingerie is on the street. And with huge diversity! We have splash of colours, silhouettes, patterns and transparency. With have a bra for every occasion, a sling for every place. The sporty side of lingerie The sporty side allowed having bra sets, to expose a new dimension

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