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Why The Bottega Veneta Instagram Account Was Deleted

18 February

The Bottega Veneta Instagram account has been deleted for more than a month now. No warning, no pre buzz! 2.5 million followers were left aside ...or not?  How come a brand like Bottega Veneta disappears from the social landscape, all of a sudden? New trending wave? New strategy? Bottega Veneta and Instagram Marketing Move "Regarding its digital communication strategy, it's not disappearing from social networks - it's merely using them differently. Bottega has decided, in line with its positioning, to lean much more on its ambassadors and fans by giving them the material they need to talk about the brand through various social networks, by letting them speak for the brand rather than doing it itself," Kering chairman and chief executive officer François-Henri Pinault  said.He stated that each brand under the company, like Gucci, Saint Laurent and Alexander McQueen, has its own strategy. "In order to be very complementary, we don't want to replicate the same thing at every brand. Bottega has had a very specific positioning for years, which is now being reinforced," he continued.  Top Fashion Influencers Do the Brand's Marketing And this strategy seems to pay of, for the brand, as it created the buzz for a brand that started to have less sparkles

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