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Streetwear Generation: will sneakers replace stilettos for good?

25 March

Fashion is a perpetual global change. Whether it has cyclic movements or breathtaking stops, fashion is the way to roll for almost everybody. Whether you want it or not! Fashion, nowadays, though, is saturated, is mixed, is androgen and feminine all in one. One trend, still, has the power to resource and to take over the market.  It's streetwear! This style has become a must-have at all levels, even if you don't really are aware of it. It's manifesting at every level and the luxury brands are following the line creating luxury streetwear. Streetwear, back in the 1990s The trend goes back to the American subculture and it had a big influence in the 1990s. It was a mix of jeans, fuck t-shirts, belts, accessories and icons like Aaliyah, Neneh Cherry, Gwen Steffani were part of it and great promoters. Fashion designers like Nobu Litamura (and, yes, we can recognize that Japanese fashion had a big influence on the streetwear part) or Patricia Field. Sarah Andelman with the boutique Colette in Paris has been one of the most influential stores run by a woman with her luxury streetwear formula. In the beginning, the streetwear belonged to men. But, starting from the 90s the female power

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