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Roger Vivier Fall/Winter 2019-2020, Collection Daydream Vivier

4 March

Step into the Daydream Vivier, where the dreams of women become a reality through the imagination of Creative Director Gherardo Felloni. The Daydream Vivier takes you on a daring trip through the desires, passions and the most foolish dreams of women.In this dreamscape, one finds inspiration, fantasy and a unique place where everything is possible. "Dreams are a metaphor for reality," says Felloni. "For the launch of the Fall/Winter 19-20 collection, my inspiration comes from what I think women imagine when they dream."In this fantasy house, 6 rooms are inhabited by different characters, representing 6 marvelous dreams that can sometimes turn into beautiful nightmares - a haunted forest, a hall of mirrors, a room full of unicorns, Madame Freud's chambers, a cinema room showing "Belle de Jour" and a mysterious jungle. Eclectic characters inhabit each room, such as country singers, a dream analyst with her patient and a woman lost in the woods. They are sometimes hidden to visitors who must find their way, like walking through a daydream, to discover the collection.This season, Felloni continues the evolution of the Maison with new styles, still inspired by the archives, but reinterpreted in his own design aesthetic. The Polichinelle, a Vivier icon

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