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Fashion and Art in the button's details

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2 February 2017

We let ourselves get invaded by art, creativity and fashion - all in the creations of Bianca Tosti who seeks to mix elements in order to create beauty.I invite you to read below the interview with the artist. 

The work is remarkable ... where does this magic of details come from?

The magic of detail. I wish, I hope, that the admirer of my work never tires of discovering the details of a button, of a movement, which becomes a drawing during the creation. He must look at these unique pieces to be able to travel: by colors, materials, and all hijacked tools, such as a garter belt of St. Laurent, which becomes a bustier, like the "Alcazar" bust.

It is magic. Haute couture is made of details, finesse, patience, that's why I have to be picky. The magic of sewing is to mix the tools; Buttons, pearls, lace, shagreen skin (very luxurious skin launched by Madame de Pompadour and handed over to the world of luxury in the 1930s in Art Deco, exoticism, luxury, curiosity of matter. Big couturiers like Mme Chanel or Hermès uses them for its cigar boxes and consoles in the deco).

The mix of art and fashion is in the spirit of the time or there is more of the imaginary?

The spirit of time ... nothing is thrown away, everything turns away. We respect the planet and the work of others to give another life.

My imagination comes from my travels. 20 years as a tourist guide throughout the world. One of the first people to visit China and work there during the communist period.

How does the process of creating a sculpture unfold?

I may need about 3000 buttons per piece except for rebirth:


Valorous Buttons

Bone buttons I bought from antique dealers

Ceramic buttons.

The support must disappear under the cover of the buttons and ...

The button is round and I do not know how to draw, so my creation advances with the discovery and adjustment of tools.

Because the buttons travelled through time and, at the very beginning of its existence, often made the detail of a garment, I wished to make a giant piece of 4 busts which is called "Renaissance". Red, black and silver in stainless steel. Unique, percussive and full of energy, of life. I can, according to my imagination, give it a baroque, modern, rock fate because a woman can be sexy bewitched by rock music while being spiritual (the chakras) like the bust "Amazone", or chabbi chic trendy as the bust "Serenity", getting my inspiration from Madonna and Jean Paul Gaultier bustier or give him a sexy touch with secret love or the libertine vibe to go on a trip with Christian Lacroix or for my last party ideas of the street colors like the art bust Hippy Chic.

How long does it take to create a sculpture?

About 2 months. I work at night, because I am not a morning person.

What is the most valiant button or the most loaded of anecdote?

The buttons on the bust "Peace and love" of Marie Antoinette crocheted by the little hands of Mr Christian Dior.

Where does each inspiration come from?

From different areas ...

Right now, the new sculpture makes use of a Burberry trench. I cut, I take the lining where there is the image of the logos of this chic and hop house ... and place it on a bust that I made.

My departure from the sculpture, first of all, was an oil painting of a Buddha made at my request by a friend in Thailand. The colors are a variation of warm brown and golden. I then plunge into my boxes of buttons and I search, I search, I put aside and advance till I no longer want to see my support and I tell a story that comes from daily energy because, by the end, I do not know the result. I discover this strange sensation of creation, which comes from the world where one speaks and tells the story of men by their own creation. My goals of this latest sculpture in creation - the mix of chic, which goes through time with Burberry. An expensive article, but that can blend with the universe of Buddhism as an element of peace and respect for chic values, can marry to modesty and thus elegance, which remains classic through time.

Did you collaborate with names known in the field of fashion?

With Mrs. Chantal Thomass.

Everything turns ...

I was part of her image: pink powdered bra with black weights and a thong with black lace from Calais, which I diverted on the shoulders of the bust using the lace, which was on the string giving it another life by a puff on the top of the blow.

To this, I had to pay tribute to this great lady by the tools that characterize her: tie and knot and pink pearl of Murano.

What are the artistic projections for the future?

A lot...

- Exhibition in London and Florence

- Continue to develop and divert Ms. Chantal's universe - Soon to present my sculptures in Club L'ETE in Monaco

- International Gallery under discussion

- Acceptance in the Concours of the Académie Arts Sciences Lettres which was born in 1915: its objective is to reward, in each of these categories, the women and the men who work for the radiance of their art throughout the world (Letters and Arts ) and make advance for the disease research.

Since 2010 Ms Bénédicte Lecat, with whom I work in communication, is Delegate in Arts Sciences Letters and silver medalist in cultural development who lives in Cannes.

- Preparation for the Palm Beach Exhibition in Cannes.

- End of September,  international exhibition in Canada on the anniversary of the 150th anniversary of the birth of Canada, organized by Bénédicte Lecat (FAEC and Inuksuk Association)

- Exhibition gallery Tet de L'Art in Forbach Moselle from 9 September to 14 October.

Discover more on Bianca Tosti website

Editor Andra Oprea

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  • bianca tosti said 2 February 2017 20:45

    so great , thank you so much . with freind we will follow you now. hope to meet you once in cannes and share a glass of champagn

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