• Photo credit Stylezza.com

Photo credit Stylezza.com

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Fashion & Art exposition at the Mercedes Benz showroom

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7 February 2014

Mercedes Benz Cannes hosted yesterday a great artistic event. Fashion and art altogether shook hands into a mix of paintings, photography and contemporary art. Beautiful gowns signed Denis Durand Couture made their way among the people and the beautiful cars showing off glamour and elegancy. The dresses were paired with animal motif hair accessory that created a more luxurious touch to all the looks.

Artists like Arianne Bonnet, Erik Salin and Gil Zetbase put the colors and the fresh vibes within the Mercedes Benz showroom.

The paintings exposition of Arianne Bonnet can be seen till April 14th 2014 at Mercedes Cannes (Le Cannet). They are a mix of sublime cosmic energy with fashion touches that puts the woman in its center and shows her most beautiful feminine sides. From abstraction to clear lines, her exposition is just a walk away to a dreamy world.

Much more down-to-earth in a very rock-n-roll and grungy style are the works of art created by Erik Salin. Nonconformist, he creates fantastic guitars with different mixes of pieces like carburetor as the heart of the guitar, the gear shift as the vibrato and many more. Every guitar is a unique piece and an original concept.  

Photography signed by Gil Zetbase and having Angela Donava as a model is another glamorous part of the fashion & art exhibition. You can catch a glimpse of how photography can be turned into a great luxury work of art and vice versa.  

The event finished with the hairstyle representation made by Eros Giuliani in a very Zohan style (for those who saw the movie You Don't Mess With The Zohan). It was fun and made you want to try it yourself.

Even sweeter that this were the macarons created by Chef Bruno Laffargue. I tasted the banana flambé macaron colored in metallic grey and it was a pure delight for the taste buds.

Per all, a great evening where fashion, art, luxury style mixed together for a perfect ambiance.

Editor Andra Oprea