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Famous Casino Losses

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24 August 2020


Losing at casino games is common and though it is a well-known fact, people, no matter how wealthy they are, continue to do so. Large amounts of money are lost every day in casinos  or online games such as Shamans Dream Slot and for some people, not having a limit combined with having no one to stop them can cause serious financial catastrophe as well as addiction. We should learn from the mistakes of others, especially famous people that we commonly look up to like the people we are about to mention as follows:

Charles Barkley

This famous basketballer may have some serious skill at shooting hoops, but he also has some serious skills at losing money!  Having played in the NBA league for 16 years, he lost most of the millions of dollars he made in that time by betting large stakes in the casinos of Las Vegas.  It is common to read or hear about his astronomical sized bets such as the $2.5 million loss he took during one game of Blackjack.  Barkley even admitted that when he accumulated all of his losses in Vegas totalled approximately $20 million, so £10 million.  He did not, however, think that this meant he had a gambling addiction because he was able to afford this loss.  But do you think this is a logical or safe way to play in a casino? 

Harry Kakavas

Once an Australian billionaire who made his money through real estate, Harry Kakavas is one of the biggest gamblers and biggest losers of all time.  That's not to say that he hasn't won considerable amounts of cash in his time but when betting this size stake, what could be expected?  In around 15 months, Kakavas placed bets of approximately £1 billion and wasted £11 million that he could not afford to lose. Kakavas should by this time have learned his lesson as this big loss that caused him to go bankrupt and lose everything was after he had been imprisoned for defrauding a corporation for money that he used to feed his gambling addiction so that he could continue to play when he had drained his own funds! 

Wayne Rooney

Though this seems like small fish in comparison, Wayne Rooney likes to place a bet or two and splash some cash.  One night, he went to 235 Casino in Manchester and in less than two hours of being in the casino he had managed to lose £500,000.  He was playing Blackjack and Roulette when the loss occurred and it was noted that he kept placing the majority of his bets on red with very little strategy behind his play style.  But was his strategy to base his betting on the colour of his famous football shirt? This is another reason why we need to understand strategies and why we should never play when we are in a negative mood, angry or bored.  It was stated by Rooney that he only went to the casino on this night in the first place because he was bored and wanted something to do because Coleen was on holiday with the kids.