• Photo courtesy of Isabell Kristensen

Photo courtesy of Isabell Kristensen

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Fairy tale haute couture signed by Isabell Kristensen: the interview Part I

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13 February 2014

We all want to live our dream. In the fashion world not so many designers succeed in creating a story around their designs, around their work; not so many are able to put some fairy tale sparkles on their creations. Isabell Kristensen does all that; Isabel Kristensen weaves all the sparkling details into a glamorous piece of art.

I met the beautiful Danish fashion designer, Isabel Kristensen, at her boutique in Monaco. A warm, smiling person who shows not only her beauty but also her talent through gorgeous gowns, jewelry and mesmerizing fragrances. During the interview, I have discovered a passionate fashion designer who loves haute couture and knows how to make her dreams alive. Every piece from her collection is an entrance to a personal story: that of the woman who wears it. Feminine, elegant, glamorous, sensual, each one of them is the door to a woman's strength and beauty. A story that Isabell Kristensen perfectly weaves with beads, sequins, crystals on delicate fabrics like silk, chiffon, French lace. It is a celebration of the woman's beauty, of the woman's body.

Read the interview and discover inspirational stories like the Zero gravity fashion show, underwater photoshoot, launching of a career as a designer on the second day after giving birth and many more. This is the fashion designer Isabell Kristensen and I let you learn more about her amazing story with this interview.

AO: Please, tell me about the beginning of your fashion career: haute couture, jewelry, perfume. How did it all started?

IK: The start ... I worked as a model years ago and I was doing the catwalk shows and I loved the clothes.

AO: For whom were you working for?

IK: I worked for Copenhagen models agency and they put me on different agencies worldwide and I did a lot of catwalk shows. Then, I moved to London and I was more interested in making the clothes than actually modelling it, to be honest.

AO: It is more challenging, more artistic, and more creative?

IK: I just always loved clothes, the fact that you could dress up. I think that since I was a little girl, I've always liked to dress up and I particularly liked ball gowns and party dresses because ... even if it is for the most important event of their life or their career, it is always for happy occasions. I like that! And I found it wonderful that you are part of people's wedding ... to make a beautiful wedding gown is such an important part of this special day because many girls have thought of their wedding since they were 5 years old ...

AO: They want the fairytale ...

IK: Yes, of course! So, all of these made me very interested in clothes and I was always changing things round ... So, when I moved to the UK and I saw this fashion competition, I got very excited of and I thought why not, I got nothing to lose I might as well enter. And I did. And, then, I won it and got a sponsor to go on the exhibition called Clothes Show Live which was, at that time, an exhibition not only for the trade but also for the public. I was there for four days and they showed my fashion show and my designs on the screens and I was for four days with my collection that was only 12 pieces.

AO: All dresses?

IK: Yes, all gowns! Then, after the exhibition I realized people came to look a little, wanted to try it and wanted to buy it so I decided that I needed to make it pre-order because otherwise I would have no gowns left in four days. At that time, I did not have a studio or anything, so after the exhibition I decided to quickly set up a work room to complete my orders and I had a basement with the money that I won in the competition to buy a sewing machine and have a cutting table and then I employed two people and the three of us worked there ...

AO: This is inspirational for all the women who want the same career; it is very inspirational to start from something smaller and to become larger at an international level.

IK: I have always liked clothes! And I forget that I work and this is still the same till today. This is why I loved it, I go into my own world of creating a beautiful collection of gowns, and I forget everything around me. So, it does not seem like work.

Photo courtesy of Isabell Kristensen

Editor Andra Oprea                           

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