Facing the cold with style

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9 January 2012


Good morning to all,

We are on the first Monday after the holiday season, this means a return to work, in a serious way ..

In this post I wanted to show you some pieces to create your stylish winter look! Every time we go skiing we worry that our outfit is ready ... but ... What happens with the outfit after skiing?

These pieces can show them off in many places and many times, you should just combine them properly.

We started coats. There are the classic feathers, as I show in this picture, belongs to the brand Peuterey (600 € approx), I bought in Italy for two years, although it belongs to the brand's current collection.

The brand Moncler offers fantastic pieces in material and design.

If we leave the casual / chic and turn to another kind of style, glamorous, we have synthetic or natural leather, depending on your preferences. 

As the most suitable pants leggings are sharp, warm and tight, these are from Zara , but I recommend the pants in about Extreme Collection , plus are on sale! 

An example of jackets, also from Zara

If you seek something more special ...  

For our feet, boots, such as UGG , but there are thousands of models to choose from. 

And for occasions where there is no snow to tread mark MOU offers us these boots.

As you can combine accessories: Hats, mittens ... 

Why not be warm and comfortable at the same time with a personal style and fashion?!

 The important thing is to give different uses for the same item, so the investment is redeemed, don't you think?

Happy Monday!