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Extraconjugal innocence

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10 September 2013

Let me tell you the story of a beautiful woman living in a glitzy town. She's the kind of a woman with strong character, very emotional and fancy. For some, she may seem quite superficial at first glance. But let me tell you something: she is not common at all. She's the kind of girlish woman who has an inner emotion like no other. For the ordinary man, she's an ordinary woman, for the quality man with an witty eye she is something amazing. Fun and serious, feminine and boyish, hardworking and ambitious, with a fantastic capacity of seeing beyond flesh right in the heart of the man.

So, let me tell you a bit about Sarah. She got married young with a profound understanding of what a lifetime partnership means beyond love. With the years she went to High class events, frequented the high society and cultural atmosphere and was appreciated for her work as a painter. When I met her, she was no longer into painting but had her own business as PR officer. It was the kind of job where she connects very much with a lot of people...and a lot of man, many of them passionate admirers of hers.

Sarah is a very beautiful and attractive woman, but mostly she has a fantastic energy and spirit. She amuses herself thinking of how many admirers she has and she is not even interested in cheating her husband, like many others. It is strange for a society in which these values seem often to disappear. It is for her like a profound connection to her true self.
She is a nice person, very funny with a lot of sense of humour. She is very polite and likes to keep her connections very close because she likes people. She can never talk about another person in a bad way, she feels for people like a kind of human affection that would like to think of it as a normal state of mind. All these are really well preserved within her being.

Still, after one trip to Italy, something changed within her forever. She met a guy: a handsome and funny guy that made in her heart a sort of a click, something that came and never disappeared, a sort of a feeling that came from nowhere and will linger for a long time. Because she wanted to preserve her marrital values and did not want to cheat on her husband, a battle was to be born. There was a force that pushed her towards him, him the slippery one. She started to desire his presence, but he used to deluge her every time. Time passed and she was feeling traped in a story that she did not intended but created itself. She realised that although that click was made she would remain only with a chimera.

In the moment of her struggle, another handsome and intelligent man appeared in her life. Still, he would reveal to her another part of her battle - the values of marriage and the obeyance to these rules. He pointed out that a woman is not a good quality material if she seeks relationships outside marriage. And he was right, except the thing that she was not looking for it although for some it might have seem the contrary. It created a storm within her that reput her values back in order. Though, she could not forget the handsome man that made the click in her heart.

Her friends are very habituated to extraconjugal relationships and they told her that every woman needs and has the right to search for better in her life even within marriage. So an idea came to Sarah. She made a petition called "Extraconjugal Innocence", a petition that stipulates the right for quality women to disobey some social rules and indulge themselves into relationships that can help them discover themselves more, without being judged. The petition has one question as motto "what if marriage is just a social invention", what if women change and they need other dimensions in order to know themselves?
Can someone tag and put an etiquette on a woman that is not looking for immorality but for discovering her own being? Is it normal to put this kind of woman altogether with those who cheat on a regular basis?
What if, in the end, she discovers herself more in the last man she met? Isn t this her right to hapinness? What do you think about it? Is it right for a woman to allow herself more happiness if the chosen situation has not a 100% loading? 

Sarah asked me and I ask you Would you sign the petition

Editor Andra Oprea