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Exquisite luxury pieces at Top Marques Monaco

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19 April 2013

Top Marques Monaco 2013 edition started yesterday in a habitual luxury and glam ambiance. Exclusivist unique pieces, real works of art, Top Marques Monaco delivers them all: from fine jewelry in the trendy skull and animal motifs of The House of Luxury to shinning watches as Thunderbolt Tourbillon, a 12 times faster watch than the average tourbillons on the market. Glittering shoes from Mercedeh Shoes capture the eye and bring glamour into every women’s life. From shoes to bags, Harold Scherman makes no exception to the world of luxury. In the crocodile leather trend, the bag lines in vivid colors stand for glamour. The diamonds on the bags makes them even more fascinating and unique. The central piece according to this event is the crocodile leather drive wheel, a luxurious exquisite piece.

But, the center of Top Marques is represented by the luxury supercars. Ferrari F1 Berlinetta, Ferrari Siracusa Monaco edition, Rolls Royce Drophead and also, Maseratti, Gregory’s Cars, Audi, Porsche, Mansory and many others, all in great designs and techniques.

What distinguished from others in a special way  and made us fall in love with its exquisite design and alluring shape was Aston Martin V12 Vanquish, the Grand Tourer,  the most powerful production engine in Aston Martin history. Of course, the supercar is made of aerospace engineered carbon-fibre. The great design on the exterior reflects a complex beauty on the inside: a state-of-the-art infotainement system, hand crafted glass buttons with “haptic feedback” . The price for such a jewel starts at about 251.000 euros.

From an exquisite supercar to an unique piece: 24 karat-gold motorcycle with more than 250 diamonds on it. A personalised hand built moto with a special varnish and lacquering technique signed Lauge Jensen. “It took us five months to make this motorcycle because the level of detail is so high. We opted to do gold leaf work as opposed to strictly gilding because it is much thicker. Every inch that is covered in gold leaf was placed there by a master jeweler,”said Uffe Lauge Jensen, founder of the motorcycle company. The price for this unique piece is about 100000 euros.

Another luxury trend that seems to impose more and more is about the water jets: water bouncer, jetsurf, seabob, stand up racing jetski, wave-runner. The Pro Race jetsurf is a great innovation with minimum weight and maximum speed, maxim 57 km / hour. The Pro Race Model was designed for advanced riders and competition use. The prices for such luxury water toys: 9500 euros for a Ultrasport 86cc Jetsurf and 11000 euros for a Factory GP 100cc.

A classy introduction to a world where beauty combines with art in a luxury unique ambiance, where speed and adrenaline comes in exquisite terms and high level innovations take their best places.

Editor: Andra Oprea