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Excellence Training in beauty


13 October 2011

In four years, the Excellency Touch society knew how to establish itself as reference in quality services for the benefits of beauty and well being at the Palaces Parisiens and to private customers. With a high standard of working in the selection of the personnel, in the quality of applied care and in an ubiquitous worry for perfection in every stage of relation, Elizabeth Nado-Renaut and Nelly Derenne, creators of the society, decided to create their own structure of training « Excellency touch ' Training », with the collaboration of the line of making-up professional Make up Designory (MUD).

The place

Trainings take place within your establishment or in places of prestige such as the big Parisian hotels - parisian palaces. To transmit the excellence at all levels of study, it can be made only in a place in adequacy with their objectives.

Philosophy: cultivate the excellence

The pedagogic head Elizabeth Nado-Renaut, formative for more than 15 years within prestigious signs of beauty product and from renowned schools, based the pedagogy of touch Excellency ' training on the quality of a professorial body, an education in direct catch with actual trend of the luxury world and firms.

Several expressions:

  • Is a training by topics and modules with the intention of enriching with new trainings of the practitioners beauty or ease: our trainings à la carte.


  • a full programme in a domain of beauty or well-being, with a view to train for a job within the beauty field or well being in the world of the luxury.

Pleasure ...

This training is also a time of pleasure where they learn new techniques but also one instant when one pause to discover a world in which beauty and well being found their nicest expression.

Written by Johan Yvon