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Eva Ionescu, the child sex symbol

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19 September 2011


In all scandal of little girls used as models, we come with a similar story that happened in 1970. It was little girl Eva Ionesco that was photographed by her mother, Irina Ionesco. Eva was between 4 and 11 years old when she was photographed.

How were Eva Ionesco’s photographs?

Irina Ionesco, a Romanian photographer born in Paris always shocked with her photos but taking pictures of her daughter in erotic manner was something that surpassed any imagination. There were nude photos of Eva. She wore only jewels or some fur.

“My little princess”, Eva’s movie:

Nowadays, when the little Eva grew up she became an actress and, much more, she launched her first movie called My little princess. The movie is semi-autobiographic and tells her story and dislikes as being treated as a princess after the all sex symbol fuss around her image. She didn’t liked the way her mother treated her and this is expressed in the movie.

Erotic movie and Playboy at 11 years old:

The movie has Isabelle Hupert in the leading role of her mother, Irina Ionesco who scandalized the artistic world by putting her daughter in erotic pictures at only 10 years. The daughter, Eva Ionescu, also, played in an erotic movie in the 70s and was photographed for Playboy at 11 years old.

If the 70s could bare such a scandal, has anything been learned from it?

Source: Wikipedia