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European launch of the Lynx Spacecraft at Top Marques Monaco

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20 April 2012

For the first time, the upcoming edition of Top Marques Monaco, from April 19-22, will host a very special means of transportation. The luxury fair usually revolves around supercars, watches and superboats, however, this time SXC will present its Lynx spacecraft, which falls in neither of these categories. The life-size Lynx Static Prototype (Lynx SP-1) will give Top Marques visitors a good impression of the actual spacecraft that is currently being tested elaborately in the Californian Mojave Desert.

Michiel Mol, one of the founders of SXC shares his excitement: "We are thrilled to give people all around Europe the opportunity to become acquainted with the Lynx spacecraft at Top Marques Monaco. After debuting it in the Netherlands, our home country, a wide audience can now witness the impressive spacecraft true to scale and get an understanding of how great it will be to travel into space with the Lynx."

SXC expects the rollout of the actual rocket plane will take place toward the end of 2012, providing ample time for test flights, before the commercial space flight from Curacao takes off in 2014.