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enVIEux exposition at Lafayette Galleries Cap 3000

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3 December 2013

Interactive and positive exposition from 28 November 2013 to 28 February 2014 Commissioner: Valérie Arboireau

Opening November 28th from 18h to 21h30 Ground floor store

Being old is kind of sad to say for our society in its young spirit. But why hide the undeniable fact that we are or will be one day old too, why not draw the positive side out of it? Because ultimately this time of life , we experience , sometimes even knowledge , no longer afraid of almost nothing , you can make fun of conventions, we still have dreams, you can take the time even if there is hanging by a thread ... This thread that connects us all , young and old, the umbilical cord that we worked so hard to cut to overcome and we want to reconnect to escape the new thematic solitude. So yes , let's be envious of the life that awaits us ...

Whatever they say all our lives , we are imbued with the scent of our 20 years either by our musical , cinematic influences , artistic or literary ... The 60/80 years from now have the distinction of being bathed in the Anglo-Saxon culture during the "thirty glorious years" where they discovered and adopted its symbols such as jeans, chewing gum and Pop Art ! from jazz to rock and roll through the disco for the first time young people share the same musical influences like their grandparents! Do not we always see on stage rockers well worn but still connected and Andy Warhol with t-shirts for teens ?

This exhibition offers a real confrontation of views on a topic of current interest with such guests like the crazy series of Fabrice Maruca , OLD MINUTE broadcast on Arte and photos Mamika , the great grandmother of photographer Sacha Goldberger .

Guest artists

Fabrice Maruca - réalisateur (Paris)

Sacha Goldberger - photographe (Paris)

Jo Guichou - plasticienne (Nice)

Bernard Taride - plasticien (Nice)

René Galassi - plasticien (Nice)

Cat Soubbotnik - photographe (Paris)

Anne-Sophie Viallon - plasticienne (Nice)

Isabelle Oziol de Pignol - illustratrice (Menton)

Louis Dollé - sculpteur (Nice)

Ève Lafarge - conteuse (Nice)

Loïc Swiny - photographe (Nice)

Anne Valérie Dupond - plasticienne (Besançon)

Stéphanie Lobry - plasticienne (Nice)

Claudie Dadu - plasticienne (Sète)

Nina Djaerff - photographe (Norvège)

Luc Martinez - designer-son (Nice)(...)

Planning of the exposition

28 novembre - exposition

7 décembre - « La minute vieille » Meeting with the creator Fabrice Maruca

14 décembre - « la mystérieuse tournée du père Noël » d'Eve Lafarge - a kids show

21 décembre - « Carré blanc » d'Eve Lafarge - stories for adults

18 janvier - « La vieille qui savait voler » meeting and signsture with the author Nicole Arboireau

8 février - « Désirs et séduction après 60 ans » meeting and round table

22 février - « Tricotons nos envies » avec la plasticienne - tricoteuse Séphanie Lobry - atelier/meeting between generations

Editor Andra Oprea