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Christopher Atkins, the heartthrob from The Blue Lagoon still has it

27 Avril

  Who can forget the blond heartthrobe, Christopher Atkins, who jumped into fame wearing a loincloth in The Blue Lagoon?! Or, as the lover of Sue Ellen in Dallas? These are unforgettable classicals! The interview showed me the same charismatic personality and really funny guy wearing his smile at any age. From performing in the 80s to going behind the cameras, from looping cinema screen, some still keep the nostalgia of the curly boy adventuring on the heavenly island with Brooke Shields and his toned body flashing behind our TV box. We want to know more about him, so here he is, making us smile again! We were all impressed by the blond curly hearththrob in the movie, The Blue Lagoon. Was this your debut film role? How did it happen? Yes, it was my first film. I was teaching sailing out of Rye NY to little kids. One of the mothers of the kids I was teaching sailing to took pictures of me and sent them to a modeling agent that her kids were with. From that little modeling agent, it grew into modeling with Ford models in New York. That first modeling agent sent me in for an open call for the

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