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Stepping on Magic Land and Fairy Dust

5 November

A soft step, a few dew drops to prove the static time of the place, a diaphanous walk and ethereal sounds from the rubbing leaves ... climbing up to the Mortola Tower is just a walk in the garden, when it suddenly dawns to you that you have a painted Mediterranean scenery in front of you and a lot of history at the other side of the view. Among them, a dog and a cat, the essentials among the plants! And the master of it all, Carlo Maria Maggia, who is a nature artist who puts his souls into canvas, into plants and gardening. A marvel what he has done to this place! You can feel at ease on an instant. All the basic needs of life are there, you don't need to look further. And then, you enter the Tower villa with magic everywhere from composite pieces of history, natural landscape and Mediterranean sea, with colours that burst to your eyes and windows that breath colourful lines from outside. And you feel like playing and singing along on the perfect swing spot. Just like those in Bali where you feel like flying over the green void, the sea at your feet, the chapel below at your left. Peculiar corners and things, mystical spots, a mix

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