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Where in the World is Slots Gambling Illegal?

24 January

It might surprise you to know that there are countries in the world where gambling is entirely illegal. The fact that we are free to play whatever games we want at www.bezy.co.uk, and that we even have a Gambling Commission to make sure everything runs smoothly can make it seem as though gambling is fine no matter where you go, but this is definitely not the case. Whether it's for moral, religious, or legal reasons, in some countries you cannot gamble. Here are some of those countries; it's good to be prepared in case you want to go travelling.  Singapore There are national lotteries (public funded) and even private lotteries allowed in Singapore, although they can only be run with special permission that has to be sought out before any gambling begins. However, other types of gambling are banned completely. You can't put a bet on any sporting match, or any other event, come to that.  Despite this, there are casinos in Singapore. So although you can't bet on events, you can play games, so it's not as dire as you might think.  United Arab Emirates All Islamic nations expressly prohibit land-based casinos, although sometimes you can still find an online casino that has slipped through

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