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Law governing influencers: tomorrow, all guilty

10 May

Thinking to frame the commercial influence, the Senators adopt an inapplicable and draconian text. An obstacle to freedom of expression contrary to the initial spirit of the law which will affect not only "influencers", but also journalists, elected officials and all citizens who use social networks.Not covered but not excluded by the text, fall within the scope of the law adopted yesterday in public session of the Senate:    * a journalist who tests a car that a brand has made available to him for a test drive,* a critic invited to a theater performance or the screening of a film,* an elected politician who inaugurates or visits the book fair without paying for his place,* a consumer who receives a sample,* a citizen who receives condoms from an NGO for a prevention campaignThe text, taking the position of not defining "professional influencer" but the activity of commercial influence, thus applies to all persons who "for consideration, communicate to the public by electronic means content aimed at promote, directly or indirectly, goods, services or any cause engage in commercial influence activity electronically." (Item 1)* "for consideration", includes financial remuneration but also any benefit in kind (without value threshold);* "aimed at promoting, directly

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