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LEE YUNSUNG Solo Show Exhibition in Marseille

21 November

From November 23 to 26 in Marseille, the Gallery Jo Yana invites you to discover the solo show "ZODIAC" by Korean artist LEE YUNSUNG.Exhibition to discover at the Espace Jouenne at 41 rue Montgrand, 13006 Marseille. Opening on Wednesday November 23 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. LEE YUNSUNG's works are an abounding remix of forms and cultures and combine in complex, sometimes explosive compositions, all kinds of influences. The most obvious of these is the manga. Born in 1985 in Seoul (Korea), where he still lives, the artist is an offshoot: like all the children of his generation, he was immersed in the pop and vitaminized aesthetic of Japanese cartoons. From this intimate cultural imprint, his female portraits restore the apparent candor, but they purge neither the subdued eroticism nor the violence. During his art studies, LEE YUNSUNG also discovered the history of art. He found plenty of resources to feed his fascination for classical painting and Western mythologies. From Greco-Roman art to Christian iconography, he draws on this pictorial fund to invigorate it in the light of Asian pop cultures. From this are born paintings whose profusion and energy have also been available, since 2021, in NFT. By his admission, they

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