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Jean Gabin Exhibition in Boulogne-Billancourt

24 January

Boulogne-Billancourt was the cradle of the first two modern studios of French cinema: those of Billancourt, installed just a century ago, then of Boulogne, created in the 1940s.In 2022, the city is devoting a tribute - the first of such magnitude - to Jean Gabin, a sacred monster who holds the record for films shot in these emblematic places of the 7th art. Icon of cinema, myth of the 20th century, Jean Moncorgé alias Gabin embodied France. This retrospective proposes to tell his story, which is somewhat ours: his childhood on the banks of the Oise, then with his grandparents in Boulogne-Billancourt; his beginnings in his "trade of acrobat"; his legendary roles from poetic realism to the crisis of the 1930s; his military involvement in the 2nd Armored Division during the Second World War; the Glorious Thirties and the transformation of the country... without forgetting his passion for the land and horses. His inimitable game remains etched in our collective memory. From cop to mobster, from railway worker to clan leader, from legionnaire to banker, Gabin embodied all the French people with power and sobriety. A century of our society, represented by its most emblematic films, 24 of which were shot in the

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