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How to Pilot a Plane From The Ground

28 July

The sensation of flying is amazing, but what about you being on the "wheel" of a plane and fly above the Earth? Or, at least, simulate! With Avia Sim I could fulfill this dream. Otherwise I should have started a piloting school, free in Toulouse but with very few places available and a really tight competition. Or having some quite extra cash in the wallet to do a private aviation school (up to 100 000 euros). Safer, easier ...I did the simulation with Avia Sim and it was the perfect encounter with the pilots cabin, lots of buttons and commands. After, Tom, the professional pilot, perfectly explained to me all the commands during the briefing that made me discover the cockpit of the airliner simulator and start the engines. I chose the destination and I started flying from Nice to Cap d'Antibes and return. I was almost there touching clouds and making signs with some birds ..or maybe not!  The experience is unique in its genre! After a briefing during which you will discover the cockpit of the airliner simulator and start the engines, it will come time to choose the airport or airports where you want to take off.  The simulators are accessible

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Culture & Photography

Picasso X-Ray

Picasso X-Ray

30 June

A young photographer Xavier Lucchesi comes to see me after an internship in Russia, when the country abandons the communist regime. He gathered military badges, everyday objects, symbols of an era ...

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