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The Grand Ball of Princes and Princesses 2022

28 June

I follow the soft fragrance of peonies and pink pale roses and they lead me to fairytale, on a warm summer Saturday evening, the 25th of June. With small steps, an entire world unveils to me just like in Alice in Wonderland. A tapestry of powdery natural flowers, 40000 to be more precise, all around in a diaphanous pink dream! The background of the evening, apart from everything else!  Princess Gowns and aristocratic scenery Sparkling tails that wipe away the floor leaving behind the romance of the day and a plethora of dozens of crowns to blind you into a world asking not to be forgotten and thrown away into oblivion! And from one step to another, the aristocratic scenery fills with the elegant opulence of a classical Monégasque ball. Etiquette, manners, old classical bows mixed with modern luxury. It's a dream come true for everyone who wants to turn back time to the era of marquises, duchesses and princesses. Still, we have them among us, right here at the ball! And just like a fairytales, time has no definition, has no limit. An expansion in dimension and a walk through the labyrinth of time! The passing from one era to another is very subtle. The Carabiniers start the Ball All of the sudden, the Carabiniers enter the fairytale as a sign

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