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Enter the Portal of Art and Fashion by Anca Irina Lefter

12 November

The world of art is so complex that our tiny parts of ourselves try to embrace it all with little steps. The Portal that Anca Irina Lefter, artist and fashion designer, proposes us is like a door to an universe still unknown and yet to be discovered.  There is so much creative energy in you and I'm interested to know more about it, your story, your relation with art... Thank you very much for asking. I feel the same about you Andra! To answer your question, my creative energy is driven by passion. My creations come from inspiration, I love to get to know people, I love to travel, I like the contrast between globalisation, different cultures, beliefs and individuality. I think globalisation is a good thing for the economy of our planet, specially if it's sustainable, the development of the same values and perceptions of human kind it's good for us, if slowly we make racism disappear and appreciate the planet and the difference of cultures all over the world  I hope that all humans will protect and respect the nature and the nature of the other people. I believe in the journey of discovering yourself, with our best skills and what ever make you happy and

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