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La Dolce Vita for the Ladies Rally Vintage Cars 2021

6 September

The sun was beginning to tickle even from the fresh morning and the smell of croissants and coffee arouse the feeling that it was going to be a wonderful day. Like always!  Every September is longing for this feminine energy that accumulates on the place of Cafe de Paris, Monaco. Ladies Rally Vintage Cars was about to set off for its 8th edition. A myriad of Italian Dolce Vita dresses and outfits crossed paths on the legendary Place de Casino, on a morning of 5th of September 2021. Lemon prints, polka dots, geometry on cotton fabrics, heart-shaped cat eye sunglasses, silky scarves, accessorized chic dogs, vivid colours were among the elements that composed the style of the day! All these stylish women were embodying the Femme Fatale reminding me of Anita Ekberg playing Sylvia in La Dolce Vita movie by Federico Fellini. Her image inviting Marcello Mastroiani to battle in the Trevi Fountain resonates with the energy of the place. "Amore, Amore, Amore!" was like the spell of the day. The felines were ready to roar on their vintage cars that constructed the image of a chic idyllic era. Fluttering dresses, humid heat, the murmur of whispering voices waiting for the adventure, the sound of cutlery clashing, a café on the terrace, the laughter of an Indian summer

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