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Business Story Start-Up In Nice 2020

7 January

It's been a while since we're living a different type of life. What kind of life, I won't talk about it in this article. Nevertheless, there are people who had a path, who stepped on it and have continued to hope ever since. Hope that their dream would turn into reality. Little steps, a lot of restrictions and patience. This is the case of Patricia and George Balan who opened their ice cream shop in Nice just before the start of a second lockdown.  Gelato D'Amore launched in the year of 2020, a historical year. What did this mean to you? We like the idea of being part of a historical year. For businesses, there was a particular year. We had to open our minds, be present, be flexible and intuitive and get real with our plans. We moved forward. For us, 2020 was a busy year, our big picture got even bigger. How is the concept of business that you're proposing fitting the French Riviera market? Coming to Riviera made us appreciate even more the culinary culture, its richness of flavors, its particular composition. Our concept is adressed to the Nicois, the people of Nice, and the residents of Cote D'Azur, to their need of

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