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How to stay healthy and fit in the new era, Interview

16 July

Stay fit, eat healthy, do some sport, these are regular parts of a normal lifestyle, nowadays. People have become more and more aware of the importance of shifting from sedentarism to movement, to embrace self-consciousness and be more active on all levels of life. It is not only having a great looking body, it is also having a disciplined mind and a relaxed spirit. This is what Andrei Andrei, a certified global fitness instructor, tells us in the interview below. He's a model and a fitness guru who is not only having the perfect manly body, but also has a focused spirit and mind that guides his everyday living. Andrei, please tell our readers more about you and your story? Hey, I am Romanian, I have finished IT University in my home town and decided not to spend my days behind a desk so I started travelling the world as a fashion model. In the mean time, I've learnt web design and website development and have had fitness as my passion. I started coaching friends at first and teaching them how to take care of their body and develop healthy habits, not necessarily thinking of making a career in this field. Things developed quite fast when more and more people were asking

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