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Martine Ackermann, the heart of Child Care Monaco

23 December 2019

Moving to and fro one land to another, from riches to poorest, from material to immaterial, from one world to another, both on the same planet, may seem unbelievable for some. Not for Martine Ackermann who wants to bring more balance to a world that is totally opposite from that where she loves. From Monaco to India, there are some kilometers to take, but a few steps to achieve. This is what the kind Martine Ackermann wants to do through her Association, Child Care Monaco. Feel free to read the interview below.  Martine, you are the heart of the Child CARE Monaco Association! What are the origins and the goal of this association? Following a family trip around the world in 2011, we decided to have a humanitarian approach in our trip, so we decided to go to India to help educate disadvantaged children on the streets of Jaïpur. Two big events that you organize: Ladies Rally Vintage Cars and the Christmas Gala - what are the behind the scenes and anecdotes of these events? The Backstage ... for the Ladies Rally I try to find a different theme each year and an original outfit that matches the theme. For example, this year as we

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