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Ballet is Worth Dying For, Interview With Luca Masala

20 March

I've entered the Academy of Dance Princess Grace with the emotion of a little girl remembering the days when I used to hold that bar, bend, do the pirouettes, dance like a ballerina. Those moments of grace came back to my mind and stirred the magic. Seeing the ballet dancers getting ready for the class brought up that fairy tale we all want to believe in. But, behind the curtains, there's a whole new world that I was eager to get to know. I met Director, Luca Masala, a very handsome tall man, with an unexpectedly cool attitude and humour, a very dignified person with a lot of stories to tell, stories that will be revealed in the book to come, Untold Stories from Monaco by Andra Oprea. Dance is your life, our readers are very curious to know more about your life as a dancer, how it all started... It all started by opening and entering the wrong door! Or, actually, it was the right door! (laughing) I was a little ten years old kid when, one day, I went with my mother to pick up my sister from the ballet classes.  I was waiting in the waiting room and getting bored. Then, one second, hearing the beautiful music, I entered the class room and I saw

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