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The Human as a Tree and The Harmony of Energies, Interview with Ridha Lhiba

13 November

An interview we let you discover and read in order to find your inspiration from a Master in Wing Chun, the art that made Bruce Lee famous, a character who learned the subtleties of the martial art so he can to transmit to others . Every man has his own story! What is yours, Ridha Lhiba? I am a teacher of Wing Chun, Kung Fu and Qi Gong which is Chinese art. I've been couching in Nice since 2005 with a state diploma in Chinese Martial Arts, I have a club in Nice and students everywhere. More important than me is what I teach and what I transmit to people. The martial arts are at the base of the arts that are intelligent, that's why they are called art, for their artistic side. If we make art, we seek the excellence of things. In the arts of self-control or martial arts, the China has a history of more than three thousand years and it brings a lot of knowledge that everyone could look for, as in traditional Chinese medicine, calligraphy, drawing, architecture, Feng Shui ... also martial arts and the art of war. The martial arts are inspired by these inner forces, such as

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