• Photo courtesy Guess, 30th anniversary

Photo courtesy Guess, 30th anniversary

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Eat and be beautiful like a top model


They fascinate us and appear in a lot of fashion magazines: the way they get dressed, eat, their beauty routine... And as we will never know about it enough, here is some of their food and beauty routines:

Claudia Schiffer

By arriving at the United States, the 180 h top model weighed around 68 kg. Even if the young woman was slim, to stick on the standards of catwalks, one asked him for it to lose almost 7 kilogrammes. All of a sudden it was its diet:

Breakfast: fruit juice, muesli and yoghurt

Lunch: soup, bread and fruit juice

Dinner: flat French or Chinese

Claudia loves cookies, and she confessed to have found it difficult to resist this temptation during her regime!

Cindy Crawford

The top models also can fabricate their own beauty product! The proof with Cindy Crawford, who created a scholar mix of water and milk, 2 identical liquids in quantity, put the whole in a spray, and so she can cool and hydrate the skin throughout the day.

Pamela Anderson

2 pregnancies and a Sprightly body to Malibu Notre Baywatch star revealed its secret: the pure shea butter. She applies it to all body, by stressing the region of the belly well.

Jennifer Lopez

At the beginning of his career, Jennifer Lopez had no same hygiene of life as now. By becoming all over the world famous, the singer was also of benefit there to put aside the good fried flat babies made by her mother, and adopted a more balanced food philosophy and where sports make legion.

Breakfast: pancakes in the complete flour or coffee accompanied with toasts

Lunch: a shake

Dinner: salad with chicken, fish or meat

Tyra Banks

The secret of the spectacular weighty cast iron of Tyra Banks: jogging!

Naomi Campbell

Naomi is one top in the top model, as she has still very newly proved during the ceremony of fence of JO in London. A bright skin, Naomi? Absolutely, because of his peeling routine of one time a week.

Jennifer Aniston

Our “chorus girl next door” confessed that she had a "slow" metabolism, and that for it, her food routine is composed of proteins, vegetables and of mono-saturated grease. Goodbye hamburgers, chips and sandwiches mayo …

Julia Robert

As all stars, Julia Robert has a personal coach to make him make directed exercises. To this, she tops up exercises which she follows via video. And as she grows tired fast, she changes it regularly.

Jennifer Love Hewitt

The actress applies some toothpaste which she lets put down for a night on zones to problems of the face.

Source: 911 Beauty Secrets, Diana Irons (Sourcebooks, French national consumer council.)