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Douglas' Stylists Share Their Selection Of Good Hair Habits For 2013


4 January 2013

When you work for the man with over 3 decades in hair, an MBE and a salon start date age 11, it's inevitable that the experience and expertise acquired under Errol Douglas would reach far and wide - all trends, all hair challenges, all hair types.  From high profile clients in film, fashion music and business the team at Errol Douglas, with a combined experience between them of  over 50 years, have selected their personal favourites from a wealth of tips, ones they share with their own clients for the best "between salon visit" results.  From "comb dries" to boosting the effects of good old H2O, here's the Errol Douglas insiders' pick of hair habits to acquire in 2013

Anna Bloomer, Senior Stylist....

  • The Super ScalpBefore styling, I always use a treatment to correct either a dry or an oily scalp - both are volume killers. A healthy scalp helps promote healthy roots which are the scaffolding to any high volume style.
  • All Day Oomph? All in the way you sprayUse a light but volumising hairspray. Once dry spray up and into the style, spraying from above will weigh the roots down. Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray delivers hold without changing texture and feel. Love it.

Jessica Speechly, Head Of Colour...

  • Embrace a 2013 colour trend: "Hair Veiling" was spotted on the SS13 catwalks and it's a great way to make a statement through colour."Veiling" creates hidden panels of colour so that when the hair is flipped from side to the other it exposes contrasting colour. Instant edge that's also hidden easily. 

  • Give Hair some air:  I always advise clients to allow freshly washed hair to air dry a while once a week.  Half natural dry followed by a finish with a blow dry halves the heat styling impact without compromise on a finish. Small change big difference over a year.

Eve Owusu, Head Of Afro...

  • Make frizz a friend not foe: Sometimes frizz gets a bad rap, we don't remember its advantages. Embrace it! It's a great foundation for creating volume. Use a diffuser on a high heat/slow speed setting. 
  • Constant Care Creates Controlled Curls: My "4 Cs" advice! Twice monthly treatments with potent products are essential and create a consistency in the overall care of the hair. Moroccanoil Hydrating Mask helps to replenish lost nutrients and gives dry hair a boost.

Karis O'Brien, Creative Stylist...

  • Eau plus One:  Water, the poster element for moisture, can actually dry the hair when not combined with a styling product.  It's the mix of both that produces the formula for daily definition and bounce in curls. Using a water spray alone may cause dryness on heat styled hair and limits the curl quality on hair left to dry naturally. A few pumps of Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream run through dry hair is a great style reviver.
  • The curly combdry: often my clients are what I call "brush phobic" if they have curly hair, but a comb attachment on the dryer when blow drying curly hair is my favourite frizz fighting method. By picking the hair out whilst drying, the heat is distributed more evenly and the hair less disturbed.  

  • Mess it up:  For a quick office to evening event look switch on wavy hair I teach my clients how to master a messy ponytail where the texture and height is an instant transformer.  For a sleeker but equally speedy transformation I recommend a loose fishtail plait. Very red carpet, but effortless. Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray delivers hold without changing texture and feel.

Gemma Humes, Senior Afro Stylist...

  • Go low-low- A low heat and low speed are the best way to work with a curl to achieve a frizz free finish and definition on the curl
  • Flip it boost It:  A really simple technique for boosting volume in any hair type is to flip your head upside down and massage the scalp

Jade Blackley, Colour Master...

  • Frame yourself:  I've use a technique I call "face framing" - subtle colours I literally paint on selected parts of the hair around the face to warm and attune with shape, tone and complexion. It's what's behind that indiscernible \"you look really well" comment - subtle colour big impact. 

  • Gloss, gloss & gloss some more:  Great colour is boosted by the condition, and I'm a big advocate of the colour gloss, applied clear to completely "lift" a colour for up to 6 washes.  It's a great "in between visits" solution, particularly for brides the week before the big day.  A great value way of increasing the longevity of your colour (from £30 with another service).

Jasmin Allen, Colour Master...

  • Twist it:  hair twisted around a donut in a low bun creates the same effect with less volume and a larger wave.  It's a trick I've taught clients who prefer the wave not the bouffant to make the statement. Finish with Moroccanoil Glimmer Shine (I advise clients to walk into a mist of it) for red carpet high shine. 

  • 48 hour lock in: This time gap between a salon colour and washing at home is important.  It allows the hair to settle in the hair strands so that the gloss achieved is locked in.  I say to clients "get the gloss, keep the gloss\" it\'s a simple rule that really protects the end result

  • Product for coloured hair - no novelty: Specialist products aren't just a cute theme - the right ones contain crucial sealants and are sulphate-free. Moroccanoil Moisture Repair Shampoo & Conditioner are potent and only a little is required, great but effective value. 

And finally, Errol Douglas MBE's pick of all hair resolutions for any year:

"Hair Health and the cut. Above all else.  Invest in both.  Moroccanoil Treatment has been a game changer for clients - An oil that\'s unique in providing moisture, shine, condition without weight or residue. And it IS all in the cut.  Embrace a trend by all means, but high gloss healthy hair cut to suit my clients' lifestyle and personality never goes out of fashion"