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Diesel, turn your old wardrobe into a work of art !

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16 October 2017

An old pair of socks lying around? Old school clothes that make it worthwhile? Do not panic ! As of Wednesday October 11, Diesel welcomes you as you are dressed in one of its five Parisian stores (Etienne Marcel, Mabillon, Le Marais, Victor Hugo, Opera) and collects all your clothes second hand against a surprise in shop.

A huge collection of clothing until October 17, 2017 and whose many rooms will be transformed into art by the artist Derick Melander, the new Caesar

US piles of linen. Then exposed from 19 to 22 October in the basement of the Carreau Temple for the International Contemporary Art Fair YIA (International Young Artists) in parallel FIAC ...

Thanks to Diesel, the slogan "Fits better with compulsive shopping" compulsive to continue in their addiction while helping a nice cause, not only your old clothes will go down in history of art, but in addition you will be able begin to redo your wardrobe while doing a good deed!

Derick Melander's work, made entirely with used business will indeed delivered to the Association OTB (Only The Brave) Charitable Foundation behind already 170

projects of social and humanitarian aid in the world, and sold to the highest bidder raise funds.

True to the DNA of Diesel, this original operation - realized in partnership with Technikart - is also a nod to his new campaign #gowiththeflaw which offers

People with defects take them instead of fighting them. Here's compulsive shopper that dormant in you becomes a compulsive donor, thus fully assuming this defect so that to perfect.