Diamond Jewels for kids

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16 February 2012

Why not have pearls and diamonds for children, too?! There is not an age to be in fashion! More than a simple bracelet, this true jewel evolves with our kids.

In effect, the bracelet RedLine is variable: he can expand with the growth of the child and can change colour when the child wants to change look.

Today thanks to flourishing success of the collection child, RedLine decided to enlarge the range by offering a bracelet of pearl so that our chouchous can carry the same jewellery as mum.

The pearls of fresh water of special quality have a very peculiar feature: it is their diversity of shades. They do not speak about colour of images but a lot of natural colour here.

Pearls are white and according to the thread which you will choose, your pearls will take an image lavender (electrical purple thread), (fluorescent coral pink thread), gilded (fluorescent yellow thread), grey (black thread) or else peach (red thread).

Our dear kids will therefore be able to adapt their bracelet to their desires of instant!